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Unemployment in the Canary Islands falls by 1.7% in May

The number of persons registered in the Social Security Employment Service (SEPE) offices in the Canary Islands has fallen by 3,140 persons.

The number of people registered in the offices of the Public State Employment Service (SEPE) in the Canary Islands at the end of May has fallen by 3,140 people, 1.75 %, although in interannual terms it has fallen by 17,190, which means a drop of 8.87 %.

These data, released this Friday by the Ministry of Labour, mean that at the end of May the Canary Islands counted 176,552 registered unemployed: 91,949 in the province of Las Palmas, where unemployment fell by 1,129 people last month, a 1.1% drop. 129 people last month, 1.26 %, a percentage which rises to 8.19 % in year-on-year terms, and 84,603 in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where unemployment fell in the fifth month of the year by 1,971 people, i.e. by 2.28 % (-9.61 % in annual terms).

The Canary Islands registered 238,449 job seekers, of which 31,216 are employed, 19,618 are unemployed job seekers who indicate in their application special working conditions (only at home, teleworking, abroad), and 187,615 are not employed, among which are the 176,552 registered unemployed.

This last group, the non-employed job seekers, has decreased in May by 3,269 persons (-1.71 %), and by 17,535 (-8.55 %) in the last year.

Of the 176,552 unemployed registered in the Canary Islands at the end of May, 9,231 were under 25 years of age and 167,321 belonged to the other age groups.136,545 registered unemployed persons were concentrated in the service sector of the islands, which has fallen by 2,064 persons in the last month. 064 people in the last month; 15,839 were from construction (-322); 13,903 were previously unemployed, a group that has decreased by 460 people; 6,620 were from industry (-151) and 3,645 from agriculture (-143).

Of the 13,903 unemployed registered in May in the Canary Islands without previous employment, 6,054 were over 44 years of age, 2,633 between 30 and 44, 2,444 between 20 and 24, 1,553 between 25 and 29, and 1,219 over 20 years of age.

At the close of the fifth month of the year, 51,372 contracts had been signed in the Canary Islands, 4,080 more than in April, which represents an increase of 8.63%, and 8,351 less than in May 2022 (-13.98%). Of these, 23,647 were permanent and 27,725 were temporary.

At the end of April, the Canary Islands registered 93,915 beneficiaries of unemployment benefits, of which 49,019 received a subsidy, 37,005 a contributory benefit and 7,891 an Active Insertion Income, representing a total expenditure of 88,707 million euros, at an average monthly amount per beneficiary of 918.2 euros.

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