Sales of pre-owned cars in the Canary Islands are on the rise

According to the faconauto, sales of used cars in the Canary Islands rose by 16.4% in May,

Sales of pre-owned cars and SUVs in the Canary Islands rose by 16.4% in May, registering a total of 7,938 units, and so far this year the used car market has accumulated a total of 35,556 operations, which is 4.7% more, according to the sector associations Faconauto (dealers) and Ganvam (official and independent distributors).

In the national total, there was a 3.7% rise during the last month, to a total of 167,379 units. Thus, last month, for every new vehicle, 1.5 used vehicles were sold. So far this year, the used car market has accumulated a total of 775,865 transactions, up 3.3%.

Analysing the sales channel, the rise in May is mainly due to the increase in used vehicles from fleets, especially rent-a-car fleets, which rose by 40% to 7,987 units. So far this year, they have risen by 60.8%.

Sales of used vehicles from leasing contracts rose by 26.3% last month to 11,897 units. Up to May, they accumulated an increase of 19.5%, with a total of 55,295 units.

The improvement in the production rates of new vehicles is allowing car rental and leasing companies to renew their fleets and therefore inject their used models into the supply of the second-hand market. This recovery in the supply of used vehicles from fleets explains the drop in imports, which fell by 15.7% last month, as well as the increase in sales of models between 1 and 3 years old, which rose by more than 16% in May.

Despite the recovery in the supply of young used vehicles, data from the sector’s employers’ associations draw attention to the weight that models over 15 years old had on sales last month. In this sense, 41% of the transactions carried out in May involved a car of this age, which is 9.5% more than in May last year.

With regard to energy sources, transactions involving used diesel vehicles – which accounted for 56% of transactions up to May – continued the downward trend of previous months and contracted by 1.4% so far this year. Petrol cars, in contrast, increased by 6.2% up to May, with a total of 286,814 units sold.


The number of used pure electric cars continued to fall, with a decrease of 13.6% up to May, with a total of 4,397 units sold, representing 0.6% of the total market.

In contrast, sales of used plug-in hybrids/gasoline hybrids rose by 16.6% so far this year, to 5,890 units. In contrast, second-hand diesel/electric plug-in hybrids plummeted by 60.7% in the year to May, with 334 units sold.

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