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Tenerife to have the largest film studios in Europe

The project, which includes 19 state-of-the-art studios, aquatic enclosures and large virtual spaces, will be developed in Adeje, Tenerife, and will be environmentally friendly.

The Island Council of Tenerife has approved of the plan to set up in the municipality of Adeje one of the largest film and television studios in the entertainment industry in the world.

The KISS Media Group has been working for years on the development of one of the largest audiovisual hubs in the world, to be called Imagine Green Studios (IGS). With this project, the Island will compete in the market with London, Prague, Rome or Berlin – cities that concentrate the majority of Hollywood blockbusters -, attracting, in addition, the major European projects.

This unique set of Broadcast Studios, unique in Europe in terms of size and capacity, will finally provide Tenerife and the Canary Islands with facilities capable of integrally housing the filming of the biggest national and international productions. IGS will generate more than 15,000 direct and indirect jobs in its different phases of implementation, construction and subsequent development of permanent activity.

This competitive and innovative international offer will complement the traditional audiovisual attraction of the Canary Islands thanks to the scenic potential of the eight islands, with a platform of technical and human resources capable of covering the entire filming and production process with the levels of excellence required by the most demanding audiovisual creations.

IGS will also have a professional training and postgraduate university centre to train future technicians and professionals: lighting technicians, art directors, directors, post-producers, designers, carpenters, craftsmen, make-up artists, etc., who will meet the demands of super-productions with the necessary level of professional training. These professions will join directors, scriptwriters, editors, cameramen, and those responsible for management and administration in all the areas that are essential for carrying out audiovisual projects, also having the possibility of completing their training.

The complex will have more than 400,000 square metres, 19 sets equipped with all the services and state-of-the-art technology to meet all the needs of film production. The hub will house workshops that can satisfy the most avant-garde requirements and the most elaborate set designs.

Creators and professionals will have more than 20 post-production rooms for image and sound armed with the latest technology in image and sound editing. The facilities include two spectacular special enclosures for underwater and aquatic filming. The project will meet all the standards of sustainability and environmental integration with the surroundings, with a construction that has respect for the environment as its main commitment, being supplied 100% by renewable energy sources.

IGS contributes to the Canary Islands’ strategy of diversifying its economy, responding to the unanimous demand of the Islands’ society, economic and social agents, institutions and collectives, with the shared objective of increasing economic activities other than tourism. The design of the studios has been drawn up by the American company Stone Creek, based in Los Angeles, one of the most qualified companies in the world in the design of film sets and in the fulfilment of environmental and quality standards.

IGS will be a cluster to house companies offering production, post-production and audiovisual training services. The large audiovisual production centre will have film production and training as exclusive activities in its facilities.

This large international film factory will be located in the municipality of Adeje, specifically in the Fañabé industrial estate, in an industrial area next to the TF-1 motorway, on its upper margin, in an unprotected and anthropised area on which environmental studies have been carried out without having identified any values in fauna and flora. The aim of the promoters is for the project to be operational from 2025.

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