The websites of La Gomera and Fuerteventura are integrated into the Canary Islands’ tourism portal

The integration of La Gomera and Fuerteventura web portals in will allow the users to find all the information in a single place.

The integration of La Gomera and Fuerteventura web portals in helps the user to find all the information in a single source without the islands having to relinquish their respective pages and control of the content. This way, it is also possible to follow the progress of promotion at trade fairs and events, as all the islands share a joint space.

This project to convert the destination’s website into a multi-brand portal is part of the Canary Islands Destination strategy, and is an example of public-public collaboration that reduces expenditure, as well as making progress in digitisation and tourism intelligence, always to the benefit of tourists and residents.

In the archipelago we have identified around 90 public information websites for visitors, many of them with their respective social networks and digital campaigns, which does not help tourists because they cannot experience the whole of their experience in the Canary Islands on a single website, nor is it efficient in terms of management and resources. Hence the need to unify under the umbrella of to obtain benefits such as information sovereignty, achieving a single, shared, common and useful data; a uniformity in the way content is presented so that it is attractive and easy for users to consume; and a shared, more sustainable and efficient management of resources.

The aim is to convert into a multi-brand portal in which, in addition to La Gomera and Fuerteventura, the rest of the brands of the Canary Islands tourism ecosystem coexist. With the integration, both islands gain a more powerful technological infrastructure and share a professional technical team with the Canary Islands Tourism; for its part, improves its offer by adding local specialists with great knowledge of the products of La Gomera and Fuerteventura. All this has an impact on the quality of the information provided to tourists and on their user experience.

After the pilot experience started in January last year, the promotional impact of La Gomera has increased significantly, with the positioning of and reaching other markets thanks to the expansion of languages.

La Gomera and Fuerteventura: 50% more traffic

Since the integration into the destination’s portal, the website is better positioned in search engines and its organic traffic has increased by 50%. In addition, its contents are more interesting to users, as the average time spent on the website has increased by 62%. has incorporated a large amount of new content about this island, with more than 70 articles with information of interest, oriented to the needs of current users and that will serve as inspiration and help in decision making, which have been implemented from the study of the main search terms and interest.

In the case of La Gomera, all this information is adapted to its target public, mostly tourists whose main motivation is to enjoy areas of high ecological and natural value, disconnect from routine and prioritise their health and wellbeing, choosing environments of nature and sea. These visitors are interested in local culture, show a clear preference for unique accommodation and an escape from large tourist concentrations, and practice hiking and other activities that allow them to maintain contact with nature.

In addition, more than 1,100 new tourist resources have been added to the database that feeds the portal, including 800 accommodations. The offer is complemented by 45 natural areas, 42 charming places, 31 beaches, 65 trails, 45 diving spots, 45 viewpoints, 47 interesting visits and more than 30 companies offering different services, from whale watching to car hire.

Following the success of this pilot experience, the island of Fuerteventura was added 15 days ago under the domain, which has been launched initially in three languages and will be available in eleven in the next two weeks.

New content will also be added progressively, which will be adapted to the different target audiences of Fuerteventura, mostly tourists whose main motivation for travelling is to enjoy the good weather to rest and relax enjoying the sun and the sea, as well as wind and wave sports enthusiasts.

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