Tenerife welcomes Uber

As of today, 15 June, Tenerife residents and guests of the island will be able to request the luxury Uber Black and Taxi service via the app. In the coming weeks, Uber Black will also allow bookings to be made up to 90 days in advance.

Uber continues its expansion in Spain and today arrives on the island of Tenerife. From 9:00 am this morning, Tenerife residents and visitors will have at their disposal the services of Taxi and Uber’s luxury vehicle service, Uber Black. In the coming weeks, Uber Black will also allow bookings to be made up to 90 days in advance.

With this launch, Uber continues its commitment to collaboration with the taxi industry. Uber will include this service for the first time in 2019 in Madrid, followed by Malaga, Barcelona and Valencia in 2021, and Mallorca in 2023, making Tenerife the sixth Spanish location to have this service. In Spain, a total of 4,000 taxis already work with Uber, 3,000 of them in Madrid, a city where they earn twice as much as they do with Uber as opposed to just a ride-hailing service.

Taxi drivers who sign up to work with the app will enjoy a 0% service fee until 31 August, €300 for each referral, and €150 on completion of the first 25 journeys. In addition, for the first 4 weeks, drivers will receive €300 per week if they complete 50 trips each week.

Uber wants to respond to the great growth in demand for mobility that Tenerife has been experiencing in recent years. In this first phase of the launch, Uber users will be able to use VTC and taxi services in the municipalities of Guía de Isora, Adeje, Arona and Granadilla de Abona, including the Reina Sofía South Airport. The company will monitor the operation to assess the possible expansion to other municipalities on the island.

Felipe Fernández Aramburu, general manager of Spain and Portugal: “With this launch, we continue to be committed to Spain and the taxi sector. We want to work hand in hand with taxi drivers in the region, the local tourism sector and public administrations to improve mobility in Tenerife”.

With the launch of Tenerife, Uber is now present in 9 locations in Spain: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Malaga, Bilbao, Granada, Mallorca and Tenerife.

OK Mobility, Uber’s strategic mobility partner in Tenerife

This launch of Uber coincides with a strategic agreement with OK Mobility through which both companies will collaborate to offer users greater mobility alternatives during their stay in Tenerife. With this integration, the two companies will offer special discounts to their respective customers so that they can combine OK Mobility’s car rental with the hiring of on-demand services through the Uber app.

OK Mobility CEO, Othman Ktiri, welcomed the agreement, saying: “OK Mobility is committed to making it easier for people to get around our island and we are delighted to join forces with Uber to continue to cover the needs of residents and tourists. I know that this is a service that the people of Tenerife have been missing and to be able to participate in improving the wellbeing of society makes me very happy”.

How Uber works

To use the service in Tenerife, users only have to download the application, register and indicate a payment method,
register and indicate a payment method. Once logged in, the user must indicate the destination and the
application will show the fixed price of the journey. When a driver accepts your request, the app will show you the waiting time until pick-up as well as the vehicle and driver details.

The price of Uber Black is determined as follows:
● Uber Black
○ Per minute: €0.18 low demand / €0.20 rush hour
○ Per kilometre: €1.70 low demand / €2.00 rush hour
○ Base price: €8 low demand/ €10 rush hour
○ Minimum fare: €16 low demand / €23 rush hour

Taxis ordered through Uber will be charged at the meter rate stipulated by the local authorities.

To communicate with the driver prior to the pick-up, the user can use the in-app chat or call by phone, in-app chat or call by phone completely anonymously. During the ride, the
passenger can share their location and estimated time of arrival with family or friends.
friends. If the passenger is travelling with a companion, he/she can automatically split the fare with his/her companions.

Upon arrival at the destination, the journey will be completed without the need for any additional steps. The user will then immediately receive a receipt for their journey by email and can download their invoice from the Uber website. Both users and drivers can rate each other, which is very useful information for ensuring the quality of the service.

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