Photographer Ángel Luis Aldai displays ‘The Sea and Desire’ at the CajaCanarias Foundation

The cultural space of the CajaCanarias Foundation in La Laguna exhibits until 29 July a set of 24 images that pay tribute to the poem by Tomás Morales 'Ode to the Atlantic'.

The CajaCanarias Foundation inaugurated this week the photographic exhibition El mar y el deseo, by Ángel Luis Aldai, in its cultural space in La Laguna (Plaza del Adelantado, 3). Aldai’s work pays homage to the poem Ode to the Atlantic, by the Canary Islands poet Tomás Morales (1884-1921), with 24 photographs in which the observer is immersed in the current of the ocean so that he delights in the greatest of freedoms during the voyage.

The exhibition can be visited from Monday to Saturday (10.00-13.30), as well as on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays in the evening (17.30-20.00). It can be seen free of charge until 29 July. All information is available at

The opening ceremony was attended, in addition to Ángel Luis Aldai, by José Luis Rivero and Francisco Óliver González, vice-president and general director, respectively, of the CajaCanarias Foundation.

El mar y el deseo is an exhibition that Aldai began to gestate at the beginning of 2021, after viewing and reformulating his previous works dedicated to the sea. Made up of 24 photographs, these are organised into three series: the first, entitled Mar indómito, is made up of eight pieces; the second, Mar omnipresente, of a larger format than the previous one, is made up of 10 pictures, and the last, Mar infinito, of six images.

In The Sea and Desire, Aldai’s camera captures the momentum of the waves, giving the viewer a sense of fullness. The viewer is immersed in the current of the ocean, which begins on the shore, first lashing and then caressing the volcanic rock, until it enters, rolls over and then recedes again from the insular land, with the perpetual aim of reaching the depths of the horizon. This exhibition invites us to walk through the exhibition space with Aldai’s gaze as our guide and starting point, so that everyone can enjoy the journey with the greatest of liberties.

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