Nearly 100 Tenerife taxi drivers have registered with the Uber app

Almost 100 taxi drivers in Tenerife have signed up for the Uber app, marking a successful start for the company's operations on the island.

On June 15, Diario de Avisos reported exclusively that Uber, the multinational company, had commenced operations in the Canary Islands, offering two types of services in the municipalities of Granadilla de Abona, Arona, Adeje, and Guía de Isora.

Uber Black, the company’s premium product, offers luxury vehicles to customers. Additionally, Uber also provides taxi services with the aim of fostering collaboration between traditional taxis and the company to promote coexistence.

Felipe Fernández Aramburu, the general manager of Uber in Spain and Portugal, stated that the idea is to have taxi professionals join Uber by registering through the app, offering them economic incentives in return.

Fernández elaborated that taxi drivers working with the company until August 31 will enjoy a 0% service commission, receive a bonus of 450 euros if they complete 50 trips per week, and be compensated with 300 euros for each referral. Furthermore, if the recommended person completes 25 trips, an additional 150 euros will be awarded. “With these bonuses, our aim is to encourage as many taxi drivers as possible to join us,” stated the director.

Uber announced that during its initial week of operation on the island, 70 taxi drivers have registered with the app and have already started providing services in Tenerife’s localities. Uber expressed satisfaction with the successful launch of the service and expressed hopes for continued positive results, aiming for a harmonious collaboration between the taxi sector and the company.

The company will continue to assess the service and app’s performance among residents and guests of Tenerife, with the goal of determining the feasibility of expanding to other municipalities on the island.

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