HiperDino reopens one of its touristic establishments in Costa Adeje

After investing 850,000 euros in a complete refurbishment, the HiperDino shop has a completely renovated image.

HiperDino, a leading grocery company and the only one in the region that is 100% Canarian, has recently reopened one of its tourist establishments to the public. This reopening follows an investment of 850,000 euros in a comprehensive renovation project.

Situated on Avenida Ernesto Arti, without a specified number, in the municipality of Costa Adeje, the store boasts a spacious sales area spanning 270 square metres and employs a team of 18 dedicated staff members.

Sporting a brand-new look that aligns with the company’s image, the revamped store features various sections catering to diverse needs. Customers can explore a fruit shop equipped with a juice machine, a bakery, a wine cellar, as well as a deli and butcher’s shop offering personalized service and a wide array of products.

Furthermore, environmental sustainability has been a key consideration in this venture. The store incorporates eco-friendly measures, such as the installation of energy-efficient LED lighting throughout, glass doors on refrigerators and refrigerator walls, and automated on-off systems, among other initiatives.

Operating hours for this establishment are from Monday to Sunday, providing uninterrupted service from 08:00 to 22:00.

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