Canary Islands Tourism congratulates Manchester City with a giant billboard in the city centre

The Canary Islands Government has carried out a special campaign in its key market, the United Kingdom, to pay tribute to Manchester City and its fans.

The Ministry of Tourism, Industry, and Trade of the Canary Islands Government, through the public company Canary Islands Tourism, has conducted a special initiative in its key market, the United Kingdom, to pay tribute to Manchester City and its supporters.

As a gesture of appreciation, a large billboard has been installed in the city center following Manchester City’s victory in the Champions League after six years of near misses. This event presented an opportunity for Canary Islands Tourism to acknowledge Manchester, which is a significant source of tourists to the islands. Approximately 18% of British visitors to the archipelago originate from this city, second only to London, which accounts for 30%.

The billboard, positioned for a duration of 14 days on Market Street, the main shopping street, cleverly congratulates the club and its fans, known as the “sky blues” due to their uniform. It also highlights that the Canary Islands boast the best blue skies in Europe.

The objective of this action is to further strengthen ties with the British market, which plays a crucial role in Canary Islands tourism. Last year, nearly 5 million visitors from the UK traveled to the archipelago, representing 34% of the 14.6 million tourists received by the islands in 2022.

Through this initiative, Canary Islands Tourism demonstrates its ability to identify and leverage cultural moments in target markets, enabling them to engage with the desired audience and convert these milestones into strategic opportunities for the destination.

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