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National Geographic selects the 3 best beaches in the Canaries

As emphasised by National Geographic, there are beaches in the Canaries to suit all tastes, earning their status as extraordinary beaches for a number of reasons, such as their "breathtaking" sunsets.

National Geographic has revealed its selection of the top three beaches in the Canary Islands, recognizing them for their exceptional qualities. These extraordinary beaches cater to diverse preferences and offer breathtaking sunsets among other enticing features.

Apart from the sand and sea, the best beaches in the Canary Islands are distinguished by their overall environment. The region has recently been awarded 60 blue flags, indicating an increase from the previous year. Notably, Maspalomas, Meloneras, and San Agustín in the south of Gran Canaria, along with Los Cristianos in Tenerife, have received this prestigious recognition.

National Geographic has identified three beaches as essential destinations for visitors to the Canary Islands. These highly recommended beaches promise memorable experiences for those exploring our beautiful archipelago.

Benijo Beach, in Tenerife

Situated within the Parque Rural de Anaga, in the northeastern part of the island, this location serves as an exceptional conclusion to a road journey through a landscape adorned with laurel forests. It offers awe-inspiring views of the Atlantic Ocean and features a challenging massif characterized by picturesque ravines and peaks that are seemingly made for capturing continuous photographs.

Nogales beach, in La Palma

Nestled in the charming town of Puntallana, Nogales beach stands out as one of the finest coastal treasures on La Palma. This stunning beach encapsulates the essence of the “Isla Bonita,” showcasing a harmonious blend of mountains, pathways, volcanic landscapes, vibrant greenery, and the vast ocean. Its captivating black volcanic sand, adorned with hints of blue and grey, harmonizes perfectly with the dramatic cliffs and the powerful Atlantic waves, attracting surfers, nature enthusiasts, and those seeking solitude and breathtaking views. When the sea is calm, the opportunity for a refreshing swim further enhances the allure of this extraordinary location, making it truly incomparable on the island.

Papagayo Beach, Lanzarote

Situated in the southern region of Lanzarote, Papagayo beach emerges as a beloved destination on the island. This cove, adorned with pristine white sand, exudes captivating beauty despite its modest dimensions. Resembling a graceful bay or shell, as affectionately referred to by locals, Papagayo beckons visitors with its serene emerald waters that remain calm throughout the day, resembling a tranquil swimming pool. Its tranquil conditions make it an ideal spot for snorkeling enthusiasts to explore the abundant marine life and for children to frolic and splash around worry-free.

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