Santa Cruz de Tenerife receives proposals for Carnival 2023 official poster

Any person, artist or designer may participate in this Santa Cruz de Tenerife carnival poster call, either individually or as a team submitting a single work on the 'Television' theme until 15 September.

The Santa Cruz de Tenerife Town Hall, in collaboration with the Autonomous Body for Festivities and Recreational Activities (OAFAR), has announced the commencement of the submission period for artistic proposals for the Carnival 2024 poster competition. This year’s theme is ‘Television’.

Javier Caraballero, the councillor for Festivities, has enthusiastically encouraged individuals to participate in “the world’s most prestigious Carnival poster competition”. He emphasized the international impact that the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival poster has had in various media outlets and within the realm of tourist promotion.

Caraballero also highlighted the artistic legacy of the Carnival’s poster gallery since 1962, which has showcased the works of renowned artists such as Manrique, Mariscal, Dokoupil, as well as talented local artists like Galarza, Enrique González, Nareme Melián, and more recently, Bejo.

The call for submissions is open to anyone, including artists and designers, either individually or as a team. Each participant may submit only one work along with its corresponding slogan or title. The deadline for submissions is September 15.

All artistic techniques are permitted, including digital, watercolour, collage, oil, acrylic, mixed media, among others. The minimum size for entries is 30×50 centimetres. The submitted works should be suitable for reproduction as a poster, and those that cannot be reproduced in print will not be accepted.

The elements comprising the artwork must be original and not infringe upon any third-party copyrights. These elements may also be used in the overall or individual corporate image of Carnival 2024.

The selection of the winning poster will employ a dual voting system. A technical-artistic jury appointed by OAFAR will evaluate and score the top ten works based on their artistic quality, advertising or informative effectiveness in representing the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival and its theme of ‘Television’, as well as their suitability for reproduction. This jury’s verdict will carry a weight of 60% in the final score.

Additionally, an online popular vote will be conducted among the ten selected works, which will contribute 40% to the final score. The ultimate winner will receive a prize of 2,500 euros, and the winning artwork will become the exclusive property of OAFAR, to be used at their discretion while acknowledging the authorship of the work.

Interested individuals can find the competition rules on the website or on the notice board of OAFAR.

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