Hoteliers in the Canaries highlight difficulties in finding qualified staff

Hotels in the Canaries recognise the rise in prices due to inflation, but warn that this must be accompanied by a better employment offer.

The Great Hotel Debate, held at the Abama Garden, brought together industry professionals to discuss various topics, including hotel and social sustainability, competitiveness, rising costs, and workforce challenges.

Under the theme “Tenerife as a meeting point for European tourism,” the event was introduced by Jorge Monje, Operations Director of My Way Hotels & Resorts, and moderated by Carlos Díez de la Lastra, CEO of Les Roches Global, a leading hotel school.

Regarding rate increases in the hotel sector, Adrián Almirante, CEO of Abama Hotels, acknowledged the impact of inflation on tourism but stressed the importance of justifying price adjustments through improved products and services, catering, and experiences. The goal is to remain competitive despite rising costs.

Hotel prices have seen an average increase of 7%, energy costs have risen by almost 30%, supplies by 17%, and labor costs by nearly 9%.

Sustainability emerged as a crucial pillar for the sector, as new generations of tourists prioritize environmental values in their purchasing decisions. Participants agreed that the Islands are approaching the peak of tourism growth and emphasized the importance of achieving a balance between quality tourism and avoiding overcrowding.

The discussion also focused on the challenges of finding and retaining qualified personnel, high absenteeism rates, and labor turnover. Factors contributing to the issue include changes in the lifestyles of younger generations, a housing shortage in tourist destinations, and transportation difficulties.

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