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Santa Cruz de Tenerife to welcome Valleseco beach this summer

The work on the new coastal bathing area of the capital of Tenerife is practically finished after two years of work, with only the finishing touches to the land strip still to be done.

Visitors strolling along Valleseco‘s coastline in Santa Cruz de Tenerife are beginning to witness the near-completion of the Sol y Sombra project, designed by architects Casariego-Guerra. After two years of waiting, the project has finally come to fruition.

The visualizations have materialized, and the progress is evident, particularly in the water area. The two floating platforms, intended as sunbathing spots, have been installed, and workers are currently preparing the surface. The sea access ramps have also been completed, with some minor finishing touches remaining, along with the initial construction of sea defenses.

Furthermore, the two access walkways have been erected, and work has commenced on paving the northern and southern sections of the project.

Although the original completion date was set for May, an accident involving one of the access footbridges caused a delay, pushing the schedule to the end of this month. However, due to various factors such as material delays and staffing challenges, the deadline has been extended again, now aiming for mid-July. Nevertheless, given the progress made so far, it appears likely that the second deadline will be met, allowing Santa Cruz to open its first large bathing area this summer, following Las Teresitas.

The current focus of the work is on the land portion, with the northern square already paved, and the workers continuing the conditioning work in the area allocated for service buildings, which were completed several weeks ago. The remaining tasks for this land area primarily involve ground paving and interior finishes of the buildings. The vertical garden, featuring palm trees and large trees, has already been planted and will provide a green slope alongside the buildings. Efforts are also underway to beautify the walkways and install all the necessary equipment for the bathing area.

These interventions correspond to three main areas of the project: Playa de Charcos (the bathing area), Pantalanes (the walkways), and Defensas Marítimas (the sea defenses).

The Playa de Charcos will offer a bathing area covering 272 linear meters of coastline, with the ground surfaces being partially submerged depending on the tides. Additionally, there will be a promenade and recreational area spanning 350 linear meters, acting as the central platform connecting the entire project.


The construction work on the Maritime Defense and Organization of the Puddle Area in the Valleseco Functional Area began in June 2021. Originally scheduled for a 22-month completion period, the project has faced extensions. It has been funded through collaboration between various administrations, including the central government, the Canary Islands Executive, the Island Council, and the Santa Cruz Town Council. This successful collaboration sets a precedent that the current president of the Port Authority, Carlos González, aims to replicate for the port-city link project, which has received approval from the central government.

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