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Facemasks are no longer obligatory in the healthcare sector

Effective from Wednesday, the requirement to wear masks in specific locations, including health centers, healthcare facilities, and pharmacies, has been lifted.

Starting from Wednesday, the mandatory use of masks in certain areas, such as health centers, healthcare facilities, and pharmacies, has been lifted as declared by the resolution of the Council of Ministers published in the Official Gazette (BOE), marking the end of the health crisis caused by COVID-19. The resolution has come into effect today.

However, despite the removal of the mandatory requirement, the agreement emphasizes the importance of a “culture of responsibility” and recommends the continued use of masks for personnel working in intensive care units, units catering to vulnerable patients, hospital or primary care emergency departments, and waiting areas.

The use of masks is also advised for individuals exhibiting symptoms when they are in shared spaces, as well as for the healthcare professionals attending to them. Additionally, masks are recommended in nursing homes and facilities for the elderly and disabled, where vulnerable individuals reside, although the agreement stresses that “universal use” is not recommended.

According to the approved text from the Council of Ministers, in the case of residential care facilities and centers for individuals with disabilities, it is advised to take extra precautions in the event of symptoms among workers, residents, or visitors to prevent outbreaks and safeguard the physical and emotional well-being of the elderly.

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