More than 112 earthquakes detected in Tenerife in the last 24 hours

Due to their small magnitude and great depth, none of the earthquakes has been felt by the population on the island of Tenerife.

The National Geographic Institute (IGN) has reported this Thursday that since the previous day more than 112 earthquakes have been detected in the area of Santiago del Teide, in the west of Tenerife, and at great depth.

These earthquakes do not mean a priori any change in the state of volcanic activity on the island, due to the small number of events and their small size, the National Geographic Institute has explained.

The more than 112 earthquakes of the last 24 hours have been detected at depths of between 40 and 50 kilometers, and 27 of them have been located with a maximum magnitude of 1.7 (mbLg).

Due to their small magnitude and great depth, no earthquake has been felt by the population, added the National Geographic Institute.

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