Canary Islands Tourism wins 6 awards at the ‘Travel Marketing Awards’

Canary Islands Tourism achieved an impressive achievement by winning six of the seven categories for which it was nominated, with two campaigns, "The Other Winter" and "AfterTeleWork", standing out victoriously.

The Canary Islands Tourism emerged as the prominent victor at the esteemed ‘Travel Marketing Awards,’ a globally recognized event in the industry. They achieved an impressive feat by securing six out of the seven categories for which they were nominated, including the highly coveted platinum award. The gala, held on Monday night in London, showcased their outstanding achievements.

The triumphant campaigns were orchestrated by the Ministry of Tourism, Industry, and Trade of the Canary Islands Government in collaboration with the public entity Canary Islands Tourism. Two campaigns, namely ‘The Other Winter’ and ‘AfterTeleWork,’ stood out and claimed victory.

‘The Other Winter’ emerged as the highlight of the night, securing the exclusive Platinum award in the ‘Innovative Marketing’ category. The jury acknowledged the campaign’s ability to create and execute an innovative approach that resonated positively with the audience and attracted new customers. The Ministry noted that this promotional endeavor, launched in October 2021, effectively revitalized European tourism after the pandemic. Customized strategies were implemented across the 16 markets, resulting in the influx of over 2.5 million visitors to the islands. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, real-time advertisements were deployed, fostering a strong emotional connection with the ‘Canary Islands’ brand.

In addition to the Platinum award, ‘The Other Winter’ also secured the Gold award in the ‘Advertising Campaign’ category, commended for its clear objectives, exceptional creativity, and compelling content. The campaign also won first prize in the ‘Integrated Campaign’ category, recognized for its consistent brand messaging and omnichannel approach. Moreover, it achieved Silver awards in the ‘International Campaign’ and ‘Out of Home’ categories, praised for increasing brand awareness, customer engagement, and delivering impressive results within the allocated budget. The judges hailed the campaign’s outdoor advertising as the most original and effective.

The ‘AfterTeleWork’ initiative, targeting remote workers, received the Bronze award in the ‘Out of Home’ category. The jury commended the campaign’s relevant and stimulating content, as well as its effective interaction with the target audience.

In 2022, Canary Islands Tourism launched the ‘AfterTeleWork’ campaign, aimed at capturing the attention of remote workers transitioning to a new phase. The campaign emphasized the diverse range of experiences and activities that the archipelago offers, allowing individuals to unwind after their teleworking hours. This captivating campaign was executed across 12 countries and featured giant screens displayed in prominent locations such as the streets of London and Berlin, as well as Madrid’s bustling Callao square.

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