Where to find the best taco in the Canary Islands?

The first Taco Championship of Spain has made it clear that the best taco in the Canary Islands is in Tenerife, specifically in the taqueria Con Limón y Sal.

Mexico’s iconic dish has made a grand appearance at the first Taco Championship in Spain. The event took place at the Penthouse Restaurant, located in the Espacio WOW at the heart of Gran Vía in Madrid. The competition showcased the finalists who had been carefully selected by the jury. Among them, it was evident that the Canary Islands‘ finest taco could be found in Tenerife, specifically at the renowned taqueria Con Limón y Sal.

Dubbed the “Chingón Canario,” this exceptional taco boasts a tantalizing combination of ingredients, including boneless pork needle, white wine, apple vinegar, habanero chili, a 10-centimeter corn tortilla, grated gouda cheese, chopped red onion, chopped coriander, a lemon wedge, and a sprinkle of Tajín. Despite incorporating habanero peppers and Tajín, which impart a distinct flavor, this taco’s spiciness is moderate, rating at 3 out of 5. Furthermore, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that this culinary delight is priced at a mere 2 euros.

If you’re wondering where to savor the acclaimed “Chingón Canario,” the taqueria Con Limón y Sal operates in multiple municipalities throughout Tenerife, including Santa Cruz, Candelaria, Los Cristianos, and La Laguna.

Moving beyond the Canary Islands, let’s explore the overall winner of Spain’s Best Taco competition. Out of the initial 102 taco entries, only 15 made it to the national finals, vying for the coveted title. During the initial selection phase, the public, along with over 40 culinary inspectors, served as gastronomic critics, visiting the participating establishments.

For the final judgment, a blind tasting session was conducted, during which esteemed Michelin-starred chefs voted for the best taco. The undeniable champion was Los Chamacos, a Mexican taqueria situated in the center of Castellón. Their winning creation, the “Birria” taquito, made from succulent lamb birria, showcased the exceptional culinary skills of Chef Andrés Salas.

The second-place honor went to the cochinita pibil taco at Amaranto restaurant in Tarragona, known for its vibrant Mexican market-inspired cuisine, reminiscent of street food and neighborhood fiestas. Finally, the third-place accolade was awarded to Nolagras restaurant in Zaragoza, led by chefs Alejandro Viñal (renowned for the Best Hamburger Aragón) and David Lorente.

In addition to the title of Best Taco in Spain for 2023, the championship also recognized the winners of various other categories, such as Best Taco Delivery by Uber Eats (gold, silver, and bronze), Best Taco paired with Corona, Best Audacious Tacos, and Best Taco with Cheese by President Profesional. Moreover, the three best tacos from each Autonomous Community were acknowledged.

The Taco Championship was made possible through the generous sponsorship and support of Uber Eats, Corona, President Profesional, Cuyna, and the Fundación Casa de México en España.

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