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Yellow warning in the Canaries: A Saharan air mass will leave temperatures of up to 37 degrees Celsius

An orange warning will be issued for Gran Canaria on Wednesday.

The Canaries will experience heat warnings issued by the State Meteorological Agency starting from Tuesday. This increase in temperature is due to the arrival of a Saharan air mass, which is already affecting the mainland.

On Tuesday, there will be a yellow warning throughout Tenerife and Fuerteventura, where temperatures could reach 34 degrees Celsius from 11:00 am. The southern, eastern, and western slopes of Gran Canaria, as well as the island’s summit, will also have a warning activated from 11:00 am, with temperatures potentially reaching 36 degrees Celsius.

On Wednesday, the warning will be upgraded to orange, indicating a greater risk, for the southern, eastern, and western slopes of Gran Canaria, with temperatures forecasted to reach 37 degrees Celsius. The summit of Gran Canaria (36 degrees Celsius) and the south, east, and west of Tenerife (34 degrees Celsius) will remain under a yellow warning.

Yellow warnings have also been issued for adverse coastal conditions, including north-easterly winds ranging from 50 to 61 km/h (force 7) primarily offshore, starting from Tuesday in the south, east, and west of Tenerife and Gran Canaria. From Wednesday, these warnings will extend to El Hierro and the south and west of La Palma.

The heatwave may subside by Thursday. On the Spanish mainland, temperatures are expected to decrease on Wednesday, although the AEMET (State Meteorological Agency) has mentioned that the southeast region may continue to experience rising temperatures, reaching 42-44 degrees Celsius.

Minimum temperatures during this period will also remain very high, with tropical nights above 25 degrees Celsius, particularly in the southeastern half of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands.

The AEMET has cautioned that the end of this heatwave episode cannot be determined with certainty at the moment. However, it is currently anticipated to occur on Thursday. The most probable scenario suggests a gradual decrease in temperatures from Wednesday onwards, although some areas will still experience above-normal values for several more days.

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