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El Hierro bids farewell to the “smallest hotel in the world”

The owner of the Hotelito de Punta Grande in El Hierro points to the lack of attention from institutions as the reason for the decision.

Regrettably, the renowned Hotelito de Punta Grande, situated in the municipality of La Frontera on the beautiful island of El Hierro, will cease its operations by the end of this year. The decision to close the establishment stems from the owners’ disappointment with the lack of attention and support from local institutions.

Davide Nahmias, the owner of this acclaimed “smallest hotel in the world,” is compelled to make this difficult choice. He expresses his discontent with the apparent lack of consideration from the El Hierro institutions, who, in his view, have failed to provide the necessary conditions to maintain the pristine and tranquil environment of Punta Grande that is integral to the hotel’s unique appeal.

Nahmias states, “We cannot deceive our guests by offering them an incomparable setting, only to have them encounter deplorable access points that resemble parking lots, accompanied by disruptive noise and late-night revelry.”

The owner explains that he decided to invest in El Hierro a few years ago due to its reputation for offering high-quality tourism experiences. He also praises the warmth and charm of the local people. However, he feels that the island’s institutional leaders have succumbed to their own fears and yielded to pressure from those who believe they have exclusive ownership rights, perhaps due to leniency shown by previous owners.

Despite the closure of the Hotelito as a public establishment, Nahmias assures that the building will not be left to ruin. As it holds the status of an Asset of Cultural Interest, he vows not to let it deteriorate but instead preserve its legacy.

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