The Orquesta Jazz de Canarias celebrates the Big Band Workshop

As of today and until next Saturday, the Adeje Auditorium becomes a platform for promoting new artistic proposals that combine training, jazz music and dance.

In collaboration with the Adeje Town Hall, the Orquesta Jazz de Canarias is organizing the Big Band Workshop Costa Adeje, which will take place from Monday to Saturday in the southern municipality. This event will offer a combination of musical training, performances, dancing, didactics, interaction, and stage exhibitions.

Over the course of five days, the Big Band Workshop Costa Adeje will serve as a platform for the development of artistic proposals. Supported by the Adeje Town Hall and the educational label Temporartes, this workshop has been endorsed by the regional government and the Canary Islands Institute for Cultural Development (ICDC) for four editions, including one in Cuba. René P. González, the director of this experience, has dedicated over two decades to stage performance, music study, and composition, utilizing big bands as a powerful tool. For this event, he aims to promote cultural tourism by introducing visitors to the intricacies of contemporary music in the Canary Islands.

The participants of the Big Band Workshop Costa Adeje include regional, national, and international musicians, artists, composers, and educators. René P. González, the director, composer, and trumpet player, will be joined by Miguel Blanco, a bassist and composer from Madrid, Yudith Porto, a Cuban singer, actress, and lyricist, Raúl Romo, a saxophonist and director of the Big Band Juvenil de la ciudad de Vitoria, Fasur Rodríguez, a singer from Gran Canaria, Dagois Fiallo, a Cuban dancer and choreographer, the Paradise Swing association of the Canary Islands, and Tim Mayer, a saxophonist and big band director from Boston.

The Big Band Workshop Costa Adeje will offer a program of approximately 20 hours of exhibitions and interactive work. It will include swing and Afro-Cuban dance sessions, master classes in vocal technique, workshops on interaction within a youth jazz band (open to ages 10 and up), and an interactive master class in improvisation. All activities will take place at the facilities of the new Adeje Auditorium, and interested participants can register through the provided digital link or through the official website and social media channels of the Orquesta Jazz de Canarias.

The Big Band Workshop Costa Adeje will conclude with a performance by the Orquesta Jazz de Canarias Mas de 20 años Big Band on Saturday, July 15th, at the new Adeje Auditorium. The show will bring together a talented cast of artists from the Canary Islands and other special guests. René González will present a musical fusion that will be further enriched by the participation of Cuban singer Yudith Porto.

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