The famous beach of Los Cristianos, Tenerife, regains the blue flag recognition

With this recognition for the Los Cristianos beach, the area of Arona in the south of Tenerife increases the number of Blue Flag beaches on its coastline this summer from two to three points

Arona is expanding its Blue Flag beach recognition this summer, going from two to three designated areas along its coastline. Previously, the Blue Flag flew on Las Vistas and El Camisón beaches, but it is now also raised on Los Cristianos beach, a status it had not held since 2016.

Mayor Fátima Lemes, accompanied by the Deputy Mayor and Councilor for the Environment, Clari Pérez, hoisted the flag once again on the main beach of the tourist resort of Los Cristianos. Other members of the Corporation were also present at the ceremony. This international distinction, awarded by the Association for Environmental and Consumer Education (Adeac), certifies the quality of the water, safety, and high level of services provided in these coastal areas.

Lemes emphasizes that “the Blue Flag represents the municipality’s commitment to continually improve safety, beach services, and environmental efforts. Our goal is to achieve tourism excellence, which is essential for an international destination like Arona.”

“We would like to acknowledge the commendable work carried out daily by the beach maintenance staff and those providing surveillance and adapted bathing services, as without them, Arona would not have these flags,” explained the Councilor for the Environment.

The Blue Flag is a symbol of quality and safety, guaranteeing that the awarded locations are sustainable, safe, and reliable tourist destinations. They adhere to strict internationally agreed-upon criteria, including excellent water quality, environmental management, compliance with regulations, accessibility, and preventative measures.

In this regard, the mayor of Arona highlights that “our municipality is focused on enhancing tourist services and their quality. With over 15 kilometers of coastline featuring popular bathing areas enjoyed by locals and tourists, as well as attracting numerous water sports enthusiasts for activities such as surfing, diving, and open water swimming.”


To maintain and certify water quality, analytical controls and regular sampling are conducted every two weeks at the three Blue Flag beaches. This ongoing monitoring allows for the prompt identification and remediation of any potential discharges. Consequently, over the past four years, the average water quality has consistently met the high standards required for the Blue Flag designation.

Universal accessibility is another essential requirement that Arona’s coastline exemplifies. The municipality boasts the longest accessible promenade in Europe, providing access to the award-winning beaches. Each beach is equipped with walkways, platforms, pergolas, showers, and toilets to ensure universal access. Las Vistas beach also offers a year-round, free adapted bathing service, while Los Cristianos beach expands this service during July and August.

Arona also prioritizes safety by complying with current regulations and providing personnel and resources for the Prevention, Rescue, and Assistance Service. The level of support corresponds to the beach’s protection level, guaranteeing these services throughout the year.

Lastly, the municipality ensures proper cleaning and waste management, proactive and corrective beach maintenance, as well as conducting environmental communication and awareness campaigns along the Arona coastline.

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