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Fernando Clavijo, sworn in as president of the Canary Islands

38 MPs backed the investiture of Fernando Clavijo as president of the Canary Islands, compared to 32 votes against from PSOE, NC and VOX.

Fernando Clavijo, the leader of Coalición Canaria (CC), has been elected as the president of the Canary Islands in the initial vote with the support of 38 Members of Parliament, which constitutes an absolute majority in the regional parliament. This was made possible through a coalition formed by the nationalists with the PP, ASG, and AHI parties.

The vote in favor consisted of 19 CC deputies, 15 PP deputies, 3 Agrupación Socialista Gomera (ASG) deputies, and 1 Agrupación Herreña Independiente (AHI) deputy. On the other hand, 32 MPs voted against, including 23 from the PSOE, 5 from Nueva Canarias, and 4 from Vox.

Clavijo, who previously held the position of president of the Canary Islands from 2015 to 2019 with the support of the PSOE, now reclaims the government. He succeeds the socialist Ángel Víctor Torres, whose party emerged as the winner in the elections on May 28 but lacked the necessary majority to renew the progressive coalition.

In his final address to the plenary session before taking office, Clavijo emphasized the historic challenges facing the Canary Islands and called for unity, stating that agreements must be reached on issues that go beyond a single term, such as ensuring sustainable public services, addressing imbalances between islands, and tackling poverty.

Clavijo stated, “The Canary Islands should not accept their problems as chronic illnesses.” He expressed his intention to lead a government composed of individuals dedicated to building a prosperous future for the Canary Islands and emphasized the importance of open dialogue with the opposition and civil society.

Highlighting the transient nature of governments, Clavijo sought to establish a “solid front” and urged for consensus on matters concerning the Canary Islands, stating, “Let’s not play with our future.” He extended an olive branch to all members of the Chamber of Deputies, expressing his willingness to embark on a collaborative path.

Clavijo expressed his gratitude to the supporting parties (Coalición Canaria, Partido Popular, Agrupación Socialista Gomera, and Agrupación Herreña Independiente) for prioritizing the interests of the Canary Islands above their party affiliations. He affirmed his commitment to placing the citizens at the core of his administration.

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