“Ruta de la tapa” in Santa Cruz de Tenerife: more than 60 businesses will offer tapas and drinks for four euros starting on 13 July

Santa Cruz de Tenerife celebrates the 'Ruta de la Tapa Kilómetro 0', which highlights the value of local produce, especially that of Anaga.

Experience a culinary adventure like no other on the Kilometre 0 Tapas Route (‘Ruta de la tapa Kilómetro 0’), organized by the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Development Society from July 13 to 30. Indulge in a variety of tantalizing tapas such as the delectable black pork burger, the mouthwatering goat meat croquette, the exquisite Canarian tuna tartar, or the unique manga puree wrapped in chocolate.

Over 60 establishments have already signed up for this initiative, which aims to celebrate and promote local, “kilometre 0” products. These products represent the finest local and regional produce. For a mere four euros, you can savor a tapa of your choice along with a refreshing drink.

The Nuestra Señora de África Market recently hosted the launch event for this project, which is financed by European funds. A dozen restaurants presented their enticing tapas as a preview of what to expect during the route. Mayor José Manuel Bermúdez praised the gastronomic scene in Santa Cruz, declaring it the best in its history and a benchmark for the Canary Islands and the entire country. He also emphasized the vital role of the restaurant sector as a key economic driver for the municipality.

Carlos Tarife, the first deputy mayor and market councilor, highlighted the significance of the Nuestra Señora de África Market as the source of the raw materials used by local restaurants. The aim is to promote both the exceptional local produce and the vibrant market atmosphere. Initiatives like the Ruta de la Tapa not only introduce Santa Cruz locals to the region’s culinary treasures but also attract thousands of daily visitors to explore the diverse flavors of the city.

Registration to participate in the ‘Ruta de la Tapa Kilómetro 0’ is still open until Wednesday, July 12. Carmen Pérez, the CEO of the Development Company, announced that more than 60 catering establishments have already registered and that the registration period will close on the aforementioned date. This event marks the first of four gastronomic routes scheduled for this year in the municipality and is part of the broader Degusta Santa Cruz Anaga Smart Destination strategy endorsed by the Santa Cruz Town Hall.

Pérez further revealed that the registered catering establishments span all five districts of Tenerife’s capital, including Herradura, Barra Santa, El Picú Restaurante, Bar Barbastro, El Albergue, La Casita, Restaurante Krua Thai, Los Paragüitas, Dos Grados Centígrados, Dulce de Flores, Tronix, Koi Restaurante, and Qjaleo19. Pérez expressed gratitude to the managers and chefs for their presence and participation in the presentation ceremony.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife promotes Kilometre 0 concept

This edition of the Ruta de la Tapa revolves around the concept of kilometre 0 products, with a special focus on those sourced from the Anaga Massif. Therefore, each tapa offered by the establishments will be made using local ingredients from the EDUSI territory, Tenerife, and/or the Canary Islands. Each tapa will have a unique name, description, and connection to the local produce, creating a true celebration of the region’s culinary identity.

To enhance the experience, a web application (webapp) has been developed to provide comprehensive information about participating establishments, the tapas available, ingredient details, and opening hours. Visitors can also cast their votes for the best tapas through the website Additionally, there will be prizes awarded to the top three tapas, accompanied by diplomas and promotion for the winning establishments. Furthermore, citizens who register and vote will also have a chance to win a special prize as a token of appreciation for their participation.

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