A year of ALDI in the Canary Islands: 10 stores and more than 200 direct jobs

The ALDI supermarket chain celebrates its first anniversary in the Canary Islands with a view to continuing to grow sustainably and contributing to the region.

Exactly one year ago, ALDI marked its entrance into the Canary Islands with a quadruple opening, signaling a year of growth and contribution to the region. Since then, ALDI has established 10 new supermarkets across Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, and Fuerteventura, resulting in a total sales area of over 13,600 m2.


ALDI has become a fresh shopping alternative for families in the Canary Islands. In fact, nearly 65% of families, or approximately 6 out of 10, now consider ALDI as their go-to supermarket for their weekly shopping needs. Data from Kantar Worldpanel consultancy firm reveals that more than 40% of families have already experienced shopping at ALDI supermarkets. ALDI’s discount model and competitive prices have contributed to a 1.2% market share in the Canary Islands within just one year, indicating its successful reception by the local population.

Carmen Toubes, ALDI’s Managing Director for the Canary Islands, expressed their enthusiasm to be a part of Canary Island households, noting the community’s confidence in the company and its shopping choices based on affordable prices, private labels, and local products. ALDI offers a carefully curated selection of 2,000 products in all its stores throughout the archipelago, with 86% being private-label items, 80% sourced nationally, and 20% representing Canary Island products.


ALDI’s expansion in the Canary Islands has resulted in job creation. Over the past year, the company has generated more than 200 direct employment opportunities, including positions in store operations, administration, and its logistics facility in Agüimes (Gran Canaria). Additionally, ALDI maintains close partnerships with over 60 local suppliers in the Canary Islands, who provide a diverse range of over 450 items, including fresh produce, dairy products, frozen foods, beverages, and more.

Looking ahead, ALDI plans to continue its growth trajectory in the Canary Islands, aiming to establish 20 stores within the next two years. This expansion will be accompanied by reinforced logistics capabilities and further job creation. ALDI anticipates doubling its workforce in the islands, increasing from 200 to 400 jobs, encompassing both direct and indirect employment, in the coming years.

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