Tenerife connects fishing and gastronomy in the fifth edition of the ‘Encounter of the Seas’

The Tenerife Auditorium kicked off the fifth edition of the 'Encuentro de los Mares' (Meeting of the Seas), a congress that combines gastronomy and fishing.

This Monday, the Tenerife Auditorium kicked off the fifth edition of the ‘Encuentro de los Mares’ (Meeting of the Seas), a congress that combines gastronomy and fishing. This unique event, which links science, gastronomy, and fishing, is promoted by The Island Council through its Fisheries and Tourism departments and organized by Vocento Gastronomia. The congress positions the island as the new venue for this important gathering.

Lope Afonso, the Vice President and Councillor for Tourism, inaugurated the first day of the congress and expressed his appreciation for the collective effort that made the event possible. He gave special recognition to the fishermen, emphasizing their role in bringing the finest products from the sea to the plate.

Afonso emphasized the significance of positioning Tenerife as a leading destination in the gastronomy-tourism field, recognizing its successful model. Benjamín Lana, President of the Vocento Group’s Gastronomy division, supported this view, highlighting the high caliber of the participating chefs, scientists, and fishing industry professionals. The congress aims to raise awareness of ocean conservation and promote gastronomy as a transformative tool for the world.

Following the inauguration, a round table discussion took place, where chefs and fishermen underscored the importance of communication between the two sectors to ensure the production of excellent products. Representatives from the fishing sector, Roberto Rodríguez (manager of Artesans da Pesca from A Coruña) and Adán Romero (fisherman from the Cofradía de Nuestra Señora de la Consolación de Punta del Hidalgo, Tenerife), participated alongside renowned chefs Andoni Luis Aduriz (Mugaritz, Errentería), Erlantz Gorostiza (MB, Tenerife), and Aitor Arregi (Elkano, Getaria).

The round table discussions highlighted the necessity of environmental conservation and the sustainable use of marine resources. Carlos Duarte, Professor of Marine Sciences at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia, stressed the need for more ambitious protective measures and biodiversity recovery. Financial economist and co-founder of Blue Green Future and Rebalance Earth, Ralph Chami, emphasized the importance of understanding nature’s role in caring for the planet.

Ángel León, the only chef to have been present at all editions of the ‘Encuentro de los Mares’, presented the work conducted by ‘Aponiente’ this season, focusing on the utilization of marine waste. Quique Dacosta discussed his extensive research on salted fish as a culinary technique, while Cristóbal Muñoz from the ‘Ambivium’ restaurant showcased various food preservation techniques. Portuguese chef Rui Paula demonstrated the diverse possibilities of hake during his presentation.

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