Tenerife, among the favourite destinations for a summer romance

According to a new study conducted by a popular dating app, the majority of Spaniards (55%) are looking for summer romance when travelling abroad.

With the arrival of summer heat, numerous individuals who are unattached demonstrate an increased eagerness to organize trips and seek significant connections beyond their localities.

A recent study conducted by Bumble, a well-known dating app, has revealed that a majority of Spanish users (55%) actively seek summer romances while traveling abroad. This emerging trend, referred to as ‘Wanderlove’, indicates that individuals not only desire to experience dating beyond their hometowns but also nearly half of them (49%) are genuinely enthusiastic about the prospect.


Aiming to add a dash of passion to the summer, the five most popular Spanish destinations for summer romance have been revealed, according to their user community:

  • Barcelona
  • Balearic Islands
  • Tenerife
  • San Sebastian
  • Santander


  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • Paris, France
  • Greek Islands (such as Hydra, Santorini, Rhodes)
  • Amalfi Coast, Italy
  • Travel Mode

Bumble offers a ‘Travel Mode’ feature to enhance your travel experiences, allowing you to modify your location before or during your journeys. Once you’ve set your destination, you can match and chat with people who are in the same place. This presents an exciting opportunity to meet someone interesting and embark on adventures together, discovering the area and connecting with new individuals.

To support those who are keen to venture out and meet new people in unfamiliar cities, the app shares three tips for this summer:

– Embrace an open mind: Immersing yourself in a new country involves embracing its culture and keeping an open mind. Take this chance to experience a new environment and be receptive to new connections by adopting an “Open Casting” mindset.

– Immerse in the local scene: As your time in a different city or country may be limited, consider incorporating visits to cultural landmarks or engaging in leisure activities while planning to date during your holiday. Not only does this help break the ice, but it also allows you to check off items from your bucket list. This way, you can enjoy an enriching experience while getting to know someone new.

– Embrace spontaneity: Spontaneous relationships offer opportunities for fun and exploring aspects of yourself that you may hesitate to reveal at home. While dating abroad, savor the thrill of diverse plans and embrace the unknown. Stepping out of your comfort zone can unlock new and surprising experiences. Seize the opportunity to start something new and unexpected while you’re away from home.

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