Tenerife brings together five 10 Michelin-starred chefs to cook at the 5th Meeting of the Seas

This historic milestone with Michelin-starred chefs took place at a dinner in the Poseidon restaurant of the Iberostar Anthelia hotel in Costa Adeje en Tenerife.

Benjamín Lana, director of Vocento Gastronomía, described the special night at the Poseidon restaurant of the Iberostar Selection Anthelia as a historic milestone. Five chefs with a combined total of ten Michelin stars collaborated to create a menu for the V Encuentro de los Mares (Meeting of the Seas) in Tenerife. The chefs involved were Albert Adrià, Andoni Luis Aduriz, Quique Dacosta, Nacho Manzano, and Erlantaz Gorostiza.

The menu showcased a tribute to seafood, with each chef interpreting the ingredients in their own unique way. The dishes included creations such as cherry with white soya and cured bonito roe, Denia red prawn served in seawater, tomato cured in kombu, limpets in cider, and a tartar of bigeye tuna with kimchi and osietra caviar. The dessert featured an orange compote on yoghurt and rose foam.

The dinner was accompanied by a selection of seven Tenerife wines chosen by Master of Wine Fernando Mora, highlighting the diverse flavors and aromas of the island’s six Denominations of Origin (DOs).

During the event, Quique Dacosta shared his extensive research on salted fish, showcasing various cured fish pieces. He explained how the salting technique varies depending on the characteristics of each variety. Cristóbal Muñoz, chef at Ambivium* restaurant, focused on demonstrating different food preservation techniques, using a 4-kilo piece of Atlantic sea bass to highlight the maximum use of the product.

In addition to the culinary experiences, a sea expedition on a catamaran took place, providing participants with an opportunity to learn about the situation of cetaceans from marine biologist Natacha Aguiar. The expedition also featured a meal prepared by Braulio Simancas and his father Pepe Simancas, who have a long history of cooking on ships.

The V Encuentro de los Mares aims to promote the appreciation of marine resources and sustainable gastronomy. This gathering brings together renowned chefs, activists, and experts to discuss and explore the future of our oceans.

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