Jobs in Santa Cruz de Tenerife: 69 positions are being advertised

At least eleven companies In Santa Cruz de Tenerife are seeking, through the placement agency, job opportunities for different profiles.

The Placement Agency of the Development Society in the capital city is currently managing 18 job offers in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, aiming to fill 69 vacancies. Carmen Pérez, the chief executive of the capital’s Development Agency, highlighted that they are collaborating with eleven companies in the Canary Islands to manage nearly twenty job offers, which require filling more than fifty positions.

The job offers cover diverse profiles, including mechanics, electricians, plumbers, vehicle painters, works managers, bank client managers, cleaning operatives with a disability certificate, interior designers specialized in kitchens, delivery personnel, customer support profiles, and teachers for training programs in tourism, English for the tourism sector, sales and marketing, as well as leisure and free time activities.

Pérez also mentioned other job offers currently available, such as those for junior consultants in the STEM field with specializations in mathematics, physics, engineering, and the business field with specializations in business administration, double degrees, and psychology. An international consultancy firm is looking to fill 35 vacancies in Santa Cruz, specifically seeking young, qualified consultants who are recent graduates without work experience.

As the Development Society is authorized as a Placement Agency by the Canary Islands Employment Service and the SEPE, they can manage these job offers for companies looking to fill vacancies in the Canary Islands, nationally, or internationally. Pérez emphasized the importance of checking the registration deadlines for each offer and applying through their Job Centre on the website

Apart from the free management of job offers, the Placement Agency also offers free space for companies to conduct selection processes if they lack suitable facilities. Personalized services for companies include basic advice on recruitment and human resources, as well as updated information on bonuses and incentives for recruitment.

Unemployed individuals registered on the portal can apply for job offers, register for training actions, and request appointments for job counseling through the website. From January to June 2023, the Development Company’s Placement Agency managed 158 job offers with 100 companies, resulting in 318 requested vacancies and sending 1,289 candidates. Although not all companies report the final number of hires, more than fifty placements were made through the Employment Exchange in the first half of the year.

Those interested in the current job offers and the selection processes of the Development Society’s Placement Agency can access further information on the website Companies seeking information about the services provided by the capital’s employment agency can also find specific details on the website, which offers a wide range of free services.

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