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The La Palma fire continues to be stabilised with several active hot spots

The Island Council of La Palma has reported that less than half as many hot spots have been registered than a day ago.

The president of The Island Council of La Palma, Sergio Rodríguez, has announced that there has been a significant reduction in the number of hot spots in the fire that started in Puntagorda compared to the previous day.

Yesterday, there were a total of 14 active points within the affected area under the control of the firefighting team, where aerial operations were concentrated, even though there were no active fronts.

“Today, we have observed a decrease of more than fifty percent in the number of hot spots compared to yesterday,” stated the island president.

The firefighting teams are still working inside La Caldera, with cooling operations being carried out on the northern flank and the ridge. Although the fire has been stabilized, it will remain at level 2 until at least tomorrow.

The Canary Islands 112 Emergency and Security Coordination Centre reported that both ground and air resources are still being deployed to handle the remaining hot spots. They are closely monitoring the temperature and wind conditions to ensure effective containment.

To maintain better control of the area, a GES helicopter conducted a reconnaissance flight this morning to supervise the affected regions.

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