The 8 best steakhouses in Tenerife, featured on Tripadvisor

A selection aimed at meat lovers, which includes restaurants in Tenerife that are highly rated by their customers on the Tripadvisor website.

Tenerife, part of the picturesque Canary Islands, boasts a diverse gastronomy that includes beloved dishes like escaldón, ropa vieja, and pineapples with potatoes and ribs. These delicacies are favorites among locals and essential culinary experiences for tourists. Amid this rich variety, we highlight some of the top steak restaurants in Tenerife, renowned for their quality offerings and glowing customer reviews on Tripadvisor.

    Mesón del Norte Restaurant

    Located in Buenavista del Norte, along the road to the famous Caserío de Masca, this restaurant shines with its assortment of meats, excellent products, and exceptional staff attentiveness, as praised by satisfied patrons on Tripadvisor. T-bone steaks, entrecote, goat meat, and rabbit in salmorejo are some of their specialties, along with typical Canarian dishes like escaldón de gofio and grilled cheese with mojo. A must-visit stop while exploring Teno Rural Park.

    Mojo Picón de Sergio

    For meat enthusiasts, Mojo Picón de Sergio in Santa Úrsula is a true delight. Guests are left astounded by the exceptional chuletones de vaca rubia gallega and vaca mestiza gallega. The menu also offers a variety of Canarian cuisine. Notably, the grill service at the table allows guests to customize the finishing touches on their sizable meat pieces, perfect for sharing.

    Bodegón 7 Islas

    Offering breathtaking views of northern Tenerife, Bodegón 7 Islas in La Guancha is a charming gem not to be missed. Guests rave about the mouthwatering grilled meats and the scenic rural-style terrace. A standout review mentions a steak so tender it felt like butter, while others highlight the delicious barbecue with wrinkled potatoes and homemade red mojo.

    Asador El Portillo

    Located in San Miguel de Abona, Asador El Portillo is a family-run establishment known for its exceptional customer service and high-quality meats. Juicy entrecotes and succulent suckling veal chops are just some of the delectable offerings. The cozy atmosphere, house wine, and delightful starters like ham croquettes and garlic prawns contribute to a wonderful dining experience.

    El Empedrado Restaurant

    El Empedrado, situated in Tacoronte, is renowned for its delectable Canarian cuisine and meats. The restaurant’s ambiance is truly special, with a large terrace and the preserved interior of an old house, creating a cozy atmosphere in different rooms. The menu features fantastic dishes such as sirloin steak with various sauces (mushrooms, Roquefort, avocado) and other mouthwatering options.

    Bodegón El Pariente

    A hidden gem in La Esperanza, Bodegón El Pariente offers fantastic meat at an affordable price. Guests highly recommend their delicious croquettes, grilled cheese, and delectable desserts. The sirloin steak is particularly praised among those who try it.

    Bodegón Patamero

    Located in Las Lagunetas, Bodegón Patamero offers a delightful family meal in a rustic and cozy setting. A diverse menu awaits, featuring mouthwatering dishes such as sweet potato montaditos, grilled asparagus, homemade croquettes, and grilled mushrooms. Not to be missed is their “star dish,” the magnificent goat meat.

    Brunelli’s Steakhouse

    One of the best steakhouses in Tenerife with stunning views of the Atlantic, Brunelli’s Steakhouse in Puerto de la Cruz takes great care in preparing their meats. Guests praise the exceptional flavors, such as “one of the best meats we have ever tasted.” The steak tartar prepared right in front of you is a delightful experience, and the oxtail croquettes are a favorite among diners.

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