Can you get a fine for driving in flip flops in the Canaries?

When summer arrives in the Canary Islands, one of the questions that frequently arises on a potential fine is now being answered definitively, thanks to the Guardia Civil.

It is one of those questions that come back every summer. Drivers, when the heat is at its hottest, wonder whether they can get a fine for driving in flip-flops, and the answer can often seem a little confusing.

Because driving in flip-flops, even though for many it may be uncomfortable, is something fairly common in summer, but the question remains as to whether a Guardia Civil officer can impose a fine for doing so.

It is completely forbidden to drive barefoot. Not wearing shoes is something that should never be done at the wheel and is also duly sanctioned by the authorities with fines of up to 200 euros if you are caught barefoot at the wheel.

In the case in question, driving in flip-flops is not specifically prohibited, but it is important to bear in mind that the use of these shoes interferes with driving and could cause an accident, something that would be sanctioned, according to article 18 of the General Traffic Regulations.

According to this article, it is possible to receive a fine of 80 euros for driving a vehicle without maintaining the necessary freedom of movement to ensure your own safety, that of your passengers and that of other road users.

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