KFC spreads its wings: plane announces opening of new restaurant in Tenerife

KFC flies over Tenerife with a plane marking the location of its new restaurant in La Laguna and those who manage to photograph it will receive a free item at the restaurant.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), the fried chicken restaurant chain, recently celebrated the inauguration of its new restaurant in La Laguna, Tenerife, in a unique and attention-grabbing way. Using a customised Canaryfly plane, they flew over the area of the new establishment, making it a spectacle that captured the public’s attention and generated excitement.

The strategic location of the restaurant, next to Tenerife North Airport, provided the perfect opportunity for the brand to showcase the opening. The iconic KFC logo, bearing the message “This way to KFC,” was transferred to the aeroplane, guiding passers-by to the exact location of the restaurant.

To indicate the residents and guests of the Canary Islands to the new restaurant, KFC designed an original campaign for August. A personalised KFC plane flew a daily route, connecting various islands of the archipelago, including Lanzarote, La Palma, Fuerteventura, and El Hierro, to Tenerife North Airport.

The new KFC restaurant has an open-air area

The newly opened restaurant, situated in Avenida de la Candelaria in La Laguna, boasts a spacious interior of 280 m2, accommodating up to 72 people. Additionally, for those who prefer dining outdoors, the restaurant offers a charming 200 m2 terrace, accommodating 102 diners. This combination of indoor and outdoor spaces ensures a welcoming experience for every visitor.

With the addition of this new restaurant, KFC continues to strengthen its presence in Tenerife, with a total of six restaurants and 12 locations throughout the archipelago. This commitment to the island has contributed to economic growth, creating 30 new jobs in the city.

Prize for those who manage to take a picture of the plane promoted by KFC

To celebrate the opening, KFC has launched a month-long promotion. Those who manage to capture a photo of the personalised plane flying over the island will receive a prize of two free chicken strips. By presenting the picture at the restaurant, they can enjoy this special gift. Travelers flying in the customised KFC plane also have a treat in store; they can redeem their boarding pass at the Island’s new restaurant for a completely free “La Sobrada” burger, adding a unique and memorable experience to their visit.

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