The 12 best guachinches in Tenerife, according to TripAdvisor

If you're a fan of Canarian gastronomy or planning to visit Tenerife, don't miss out on these top-rated guachinches, as recommended by TripAdvisor.

Indulging in the local culinary delights while traveling is undeniably one of life’s greatest joys. And when visiting the Canary Islands, a must-do on your itinerary is stopping by at least one of its popular guachinches, though ideally, you should try several. To simplify your task, we have compiled a preliminary list of the finest guachinches in Tenerife, carefully chosen based on customer ratings.

The traditional concept of a guachinche involves savoring authentic Canarian homemade dishes, paired with locally produced wine, as these establishments have always revolved around showcasing their freshly harvested wine. However, in recent times, the number of guachinches strictly adhering to this notion has dwindled, and many now operate throughout the year, serving up typical Canarian cuisine along with their own or locally sourced wines.

Some of the classic Canarian delicacies you must savor include escaldón de gofio, papas con mojo, succulent pork ribs with potatoes, as well as hearty dishes like rabbit in salmorejo or goat’s meat. To experience them all, TripAdvisor has provided us with a list of the best guachinches in Tenerife, based on stellar ratings (ranging from 4 to 5 stars), prominent search results, and numerous reviews (exceeding 60). Here are the top picks for your delightful culinary journey.

Mi Guachinche Casa Pedro

Located in Los Realejos, Mi Guachinche Casa Pedro has garnered over 130 reviews, all rating it with a perfect five stars, solidifying its place among the top guachinches in Tenerife. Among the standout dishes praised by customers are the sweet potato salad and the homemade almogrote.

Guachinche El Capitán

Situated in Santa Úrsula, Guachinche El Capitán also proudly boasts a five-star rating on TripAdvisor. While it falls just short of the 60-review minimum for this list, its abundance of positive comments speaks volumes. Patrons particularly applaud the delectable goat meat, succulent octopus, and mouthwatering desserts, all of which come with an excellent value for money.

Guachinche Romance

Nestled in La Orotava, Guachinche Romance impresses with a solid four and a half stars, earned through more than 260 glowing reviews. What sets this guachinche apart is its rare terrace, providing a pleasant ambiance. The establishment takes pride in offering its own high-quality wine and generous portions of traditional Canarian dishes. Notably, customers rave about their “scandalous croquettes,” flavorful meats, and the scrumptious “huevos a la estampida.”

Guachinche La Huerta de Ana y Eva

Found in La Matanza de Acentejo, Guachinche La Huerta de Ana y Eva earns the title of “authentic guachinche” from TripAdvisor users, who adore its charming setting and fantastic value for money. The highly-acclaimed dishes include mushrooms with almogrote, grilled cheese, goat meat, and bichillo, with a special mention for the delectable ropa vieja.

Guachinche El Talegazo

Located in La Orotava, Guachinche El Talegazo secures more than four stars and specializes in mouthwatering grilled meat. Their garbanzas (chickpeas) and carne mechada (meat croquettes) come highly recommended. Notably, the homegrown red wine and delightful fruity white wine are a treat for the taste buds.

Casa Pedro Los Toneles

Situated in San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Casa Pedro Los Toneles receives praise from its 100+ comments for its charming decor and tranquil atmosphere. Patrons are left “speechless” by the exquisite goat’s meat and the outstanding cod with onions. Additionally, their wine from Tacoronte, a renowned wine-growing area with a Denomination of Origin (DO), adds to the overall experience.

Guachinche Las Chozas

Exuding typical Canarian charm with its country house-style decoration, Guachinche Las Chozas is celebrated for its homemade fare. Dishes like garbanzas, bichillo, and especially the roast chicken are a resounding success among TripAdvisor users.

Guachinche Pa’ Picar

With 90 glowing reviews, Guachinche Pa’ Picar in La Matanza de Acentejo never fails to impress. Customers compare the experience to enjoying a meal at their grandmother’s house, relishing the authentic Canarian cuisine. Highly recommended dishes include garbanzas, croquettes, and carne fiesta.

Guachinche La Fuente

Despite the northern area of Tenerife being known for its exceptional guachinches, Guachinche La Fuente in Arona, located in the south, stands out for its stunning views and delectable offerings. Visitors praise the “delicious croquettes” and the tender roast octopus, making it a “pleasant surprise” in the southern part of the island.

Guachinche El Pino

Situated in Los Realejos, Guachinche El Pino entices with its typical Canarian dishes and numerous positive reviews. The carne fiesta is particularly favored, and those with a sweet tooth will relish the delightful desserts, including the mouthwatering polvito uruguayo (Uruguayan powder).

Guachinche El Miradero

Located in Icod de los Vinos, home to the famous Drago Milenario, Guachinche El Miradero garners high praise for its cheese with quince jelly and the breathtaking views of Teide, the island’s iconic volcano.

David’s Guachinche

Found in the municipality of Santa Úrsula, which is abundant in guachinches, David’s Guachinche stands out for its exceptional meat offerings, with special mentions for the secreto and the bichillo.

What is a Tenerife guachinche?

To fully grasp the significance of the best guachinches in Tenerife and why they are a must-visit while exploring the archipelago, you must understand what makes these establishments so special and unique.

Guachinches are traditional venues primarily found in the northern part of Tenerife, though some can be found in certain southern towns as well. They offer patrons a delightful experience of savoring authentic Canarian home-cooked dishes, complemented by locally produced or home-grown wines.

In the past, genuine guachinches were unregulated and not licensed as formal restaurants. Instead, they were private homes where the wine from the family’s own harvest was shared and tasted. Embracing simplicity and lacking extravagant decor, these places exuded an authentic, homemade, and charming ambiance, making them immensely popular.

However, as the word “guachinche” gained popularity, some bars and restaurants adopted the term to attract customers. This led to the formal regulation of guachinches, with the Ley de Calidad Agroalimentaria specifying that only establishments growing their own wines could use this designation.

Identified by the distinctive “G” logo, guachinches were traditionally open only during the wine harvest season. Yet, today, many of them remain operational throughout the entire year.

What does the word “guachinche” mean?

Now, the word “guachinche” has an intriguing origin. It originated from the English expression “I’m watching you,” which, despite its surprising origins, has a logical explanation. During the 17th century, local winegrowers offered wine samples to English merchants eager to export their products. The merchants would repeat the phrase “I’m watching you” to the farmers, indicating that they were keeping a close eye to ensure that the wine offered was genuinely from the local harvest. Over time, this expression evolved colloquially into “watching ye.”

To impress the British merchants and prove the authenticity of their wine, the winegrowers began serving various typical Canarian dishes alongside the wine. This laid the foundation for what we now know as the guachinche, a place where wine and local cuisine come together.

What do you eat and drink in a guachinche in Tenerife?

When visiting a traditional guachinche in Tenerife, you can relish a variety of authentic Canarian dishes, usually served in generous portions. It’s recommended to inquire about the house speciality. The menu typically includes mouthwatering options like grilled cheeses with mojos (mojo being the typical Canarian sauce, often accompanying papas arrugadas), escaldón de gofio, carne fiesta, ribs with potatoes, vegetable stew, and garbanzas—all to be savored alongside the delightful home-grown wine.

Thus, visiting one of the best guachinches in Tenerife becomes an essential part of your island experience, immersing you in the authentic tastes and traditions of the Canary Islands.

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