The 8th Phe Festival in Puerto de la Cruz confirms all participating performers

The Phe Festival has everything ready for its eighth edition in Puerto de la Cruz.

On 18 and 19 August, Puerto de la Cruz will be hosting the eighth edition of the Phe Festival, featuring an eclectic lineup that promises more than twenty hours of live music. Among the headliners are the British band Orbital, who will be making their debut in the Canary Islands, and the Argentine rapper Trueno, also performing for the first time in the archipelago.

The Mayor of Puerto de la Cruz and Councillor for Culture, Marco González, emphasized that the festival holds a special place in the summer calendar of events in the Canary Islands and is a recognized point of reference on both the local and national levels. He praised the festival for its commitment to the environment and its positive impact on the community.

Lope Afonso, the Vice-President of The Island Council of Tenerife and Island Councillor for Tourism, congratulated the Phe Festival for becoming a well-established and successful event over the past eight years. He recognized its pioneering role in showcasing indie music and transforming into a national and international attraction.

The festival’s commitment to combining music and culture with tourism and community engagement was also commended by José Carlos Acha, the island councillor for Culture. Acha praised the festival as an example that other initiatives could follow, catering to a diverse audience and offering an eclectic musical lineup that appeals to various age groups and tastes.

Ulises Acosta, co-director of the Phe Festival, highlighted the festival’s continued focus on maintaining a medium-sized event with a gourmet touch while preserving its accessibility and popularity. The organizers are keen on ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for attendees by managing limited capacity, reducing queues, and offering affordable access and consumption prices.

The first day of live performances, on Friday 18, will feature artists such as Orbital, The Reytons, Second, Jimena Amarillo, Sexy Zebras, Bala, Rocío Saiz, Adora, and Antiplancton on the festival’s two stages. On Saturday 19, the lineup will include Trueno, Arde Bogotá, Natalia Lacunza, Shinova, Rocío Márquez & Bronquio, Morreo, Ghouljaboy, Hoonine, and Zurych.

Tickets for the Phe Festival can be purchased as season tickets or for individual days through the platform (

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