Tenerife’s visitors numbers continue to soar with 7.4% increase in June

In June, the number of passengers arriving in Tenerife continued to rise, showing a significant increase of 7.4%.

In the month of June, Tenerife welcomed a total of 691,826 passengers, marking a significant 7.4% increase compared to the previous year (equivalent to 47,892 more passengers). Moreover, this number represents a 3.8% rise compared to the passenger arrivals recorded in June 2019. Notably, Tenerife’s June arrivals accounted for 39% of the total arrivals to the Canary Islands.

Lope Afonso, the Vice President of The Island Council of Tenerife and Councillor for Tourism, emphasized that the data for June indicates the continued recovery of Tenerife as a popular tourist destination. He also highlighted Tenerife’s dominant position within the Archipelago, as the most favored destination for travellers, capturing nearly 40% of the total arrivals to the Islands.

Afonso further remarked on the favorable performance of the first half of the year, with over four million passengers visiting Tenerife during this period. The positive trend is expected to persist, supported by forthcoming data on occupancy and tourist spending in the upcoming months.

Regarding domestic traffic, Tenerife experienced a 6.4% increase in June compared to the previous year, with mainland traffic rising by 5.6% and inter-island traffic by 7.5% in year-on-year comparison. When compared to 2019, domestic arrivals in June 2023 remained relatively stable, with only a slight 0.2% decrease. Among these, arrivals from the mainland were 0.6% lower, while inter-island arrivals increased by 0.5%.

The island has seen a promising recovery in passenger traffic from the mainland since October 2022, while international traffic has been approaching and surpassing 2019 records since October 2021. In June 2023, international traffic witnessed a remarkable increase of 18.3% compared to June 2022 and a noteworthy 7.1% increase compared to 2019. All markets showed an upsurge in arrivals, except for Portugal, Denmark, Iceland, and a slight decrease from Italy.

In the first half of the year, Tenerife maintained connectivity with 27 markets and connected with 138 airports worldwide. This represents an increase of four airports compared to the same period of the previous year, facilitated through the operations of 51 groups of companies. Overall, the first half of 2023 saw Tenerife record 4,406,877 passengers, reflecting an impressive 18% increase compared to the previous year and a robust 6.9% growth compared to the same period in 2019.

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