The number of unemployed in the Canary Islands declined by 1,536 in July

In July, registered unemployment in the Canary Islands decreased by 1,536 people (0.88%), bringing the total number of unemployed to 172,483. Compared to the previous year, the archipelago experienced a substantial decline of 18,954 unemployed (9.90%).

The number of registered unemployed in the Canary Islands declined by 1,536 people in July, representing a decrease of 0.88% compared to the previous month. The total number of unemployed in the archipelago now stands at 172,483 people. On a year-on-year basis, the Canary Islands witnessed a significant fall of 18,954 unemployed, equating to a drop of 9.90%.

The province of Las Palmas saw the most significant monthly reduction in unemployment, with a decline of 1,124 persons (1.24%), resulting in 89,829 unemployed. In Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the number of unemployed decreased by 412 individuals (0.50%), with 82,654 unemployed.


Within the Canary Islands, all sectors experienced a decrease in unemployment in July. The Services sector saw the most substantial decline, with 735 fewer people unemployed, although it remains the sector with the highest number of unemployed, totaling 134,031 individuals. The Unemployed group witnessed a decrease of 484 people, registering 13,016 unemployed at the end of July.

Hiring in the islands showed growth in July, with 59,445 agreements made, reflecting an increase of 2,512 contracts compared to the previous month (4.41%). However, concerning the year-on-year figure, there was a decline of 8,102 contracts compared to July 2022 (11.99%).

In Spain as a whole, unemployment decreased by 10,968 people in July (0.41%), marking the fifth consecutive month of decline. The total number of unemployed reached 2,677,874, the lowest figure since September 2008. In contrast, July 2022 recorded an increase of 3,230 in unemployment.

By economic sector, the Services sector contributed significantly to the decrease in unemployment, with a fall of 7,126 individuals (0.37%), followed by Agriculture with 1,861 fewer unemployed (1.74%) and Industry with 964 fewer unemployed (0.45%). However, the Construction sector experienced an increase of 1,186 individuals (0.57%), and the group without previous employment saw a decline of 2,203 (0.89%).

Unemployment rates differed by gender, with male unemployment standing at 1,059,390 individuals in July, a decrease of 5,135 (0.48%), and female unemployment at 1,618,484, a reduction of 5,833 (0.36%). Unemployment among young people under 25 fell by 453 (0.25%) compared to the previous month, while unemployment among those aged 25 and over declined by 10,515 (0.42%).

It’s worth noting that the total number of unemployed young people under 25 years old is 184,038, the lowest figure recorded since records began. Among foreigners, unemployment fell by 7,702 (2.23%) in July, resulting in a total of 338,083 individuals unemployed, 22,081 fewer than the previous year (6.13%).

Unemployment declined in ten autonomous communities but rose in seven. The most significant decreases in absolute figures occurred in Andalusia (-5,166), the Community of Madrid (-2,926), and Galicia (-1,579), while the most substantial increases were in Catalonia, with 1,612 more unemployed, the Balearic Islands (854), and the Basque Country (796).

As for the provinces, 34 experienced a reduction in registered unemployment, with the most substantial declines in Madrid (-2,926), Cadiz (-2,413), and Malaga (-1,554). Eighteen provinces recorded an increase, with the most significant rises seen in Valencia (1,714), Barcelona (1,684), and the Balearic Islands (854).

The total number of contracts registered in July was 1,431,383, a decrease of 224,132 compared to the same month in 2022 (13.54%). Out of these contracts, 566,440 were of an indefinite nature, representing a decline of 119,552 (17.43%) compared to the same month in the previous year.

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