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The Canary Islands are expecting “intense heat” next week

A heatwave is forecasted for the Canary Islands, with temperatures potentially exceeding 34 degrees Celsius.

The State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) has issued a warning about an impending heatwave in the Canary Islands during the second half of next week. The temperatures are expected to soar, reaching between 34 to 36ºC in the southern regions of the mountainous islands and Fuerteventura.

In addition, strong northerly winds are predicted for Monday, particularly in higher elevations, with cloudy conditions anticipated in the northern areas of the more mountainous islands. On Tuesday, trade winds are set to intensify, accompanied by a further rise in temperatures.

AEMET predicts that next week will mark the beginning of the third heatwave of the summer in the country. This heatwave is expected to persist until the following Saturday.

Starting this Saturday, temperatures will notably increase across the country in the days to come. AEMET warns that “intense heat” will affect a large part of Spain during the upcoming week.

The forthcoming heatwave will be the result of warm air from North Africa moving into the region, coupled with stable weather conditions caused by a high-pressure area, known as a dorsal, covering the entire country.

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