Donaire Restaurant, in Costa Adeje, lively cuisine with local essence

Under the guidance of Chef Jesús Camacho, this restaurant in Costa Adeje is driven by a young and skilled team, all dedicated to achieving excellence.

Donaire restaurant has emerged as a definitive destination for connoisseurs of gourmet dining in the Canary Islands. Under the direction of Chef Jesús Camacho, a new concept has elevated its culinary journey, embodying the modesty and skillfulness of a youthful and gifted team. Rooted in a dedication to local ingredients and an unwavering pursuit of perfection, Donaire has secured its stature as a premier eatery in the archipelago. The restaurant’s cuisine has gracefully evolved into a fusion of heritage and innovation.

Jesús Camacho is dedicated to a culinary approach that is “creative, honest and without masks”

Driven by an intense love for culinary arts and a steadfast dedication to the genuine essence of ingredients, Camacho has emerged as a pivotal figure in the restaurant, introducing a novel concept that revolves around magnifying the inherent tastes of each element. “Our aim is to guide patrons through an indelible gastronomic expedition characterized by inventive, authentic, and unpretentious fare,” Jesús highlights. “Our allegiance lies in vibrant cuisine steeped in local essence, reflected in the impeccable quality and freshness of our raw materials,” further exemplified by the artistic presentation of our dishes.

Special attention in the dining room to create an unforgettable experience

The restaurant, located in GF Victoria, is characterised by providing exceptional service and creating an experience that is a feast for both the palate and the eyes. Miguel Reyes, head waiter, is a key element in Donaire’s culinary journey, providing impeccable service and personalised attention that makes every visit unforgettable.

The best gofio in the Canary Islands is chosen from 93 samples from 18 mills

Restaurant / the best gofio in the Canary Islands

The Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, and Food Sovereignty of the Regional Government is hosting the Official Agrocanarian Gofio Competition 2023 at the Parador de El Hierro. This year, 93 products from 18 mills across the seven islands are participating in the event, aiming to determine the Best Gofio of the Canary Islands, along with other notable recognitions. A panel comprising 16 expert tasters will employ a blind tasting approach to award the Grand Gold Medal, Gold and Silver Medals, as well as the distinguished titles of Best Gofio of the Canary Islands and Best Organic Gofio.

Pedro Nel, from Etéreo, guest at the Puerto Vallarta Gourmet Festival

Pedro Nel Restrepo, the chef behind Etéreo restaurant in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, has received an invitation to join the 28th International Gourmet Festival in Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Tepic (Colombia), scheduled to take place from November 9th to 19th. The Gourmet Festival Committee has extended this invitation to Pedro Nel to be part of the 10-day event, during which over 30 participating restaurants and their guest chefs will craft a special menu consisting of 12 to 15 dishes. In this instance, the Colombian-born chef, now residing in Tenerife, will be representing Casa Cayaco.

La Guindilla: Fish with delicious plastics

All efforts made are still insufficient to truly emphasize the importance of recycling, particularly efficient recycling that prevents plastics from finding their way into the oceans, eventually ingested by fish and subsequently consumed by us. Amid the period of confinement, Quique Dacosta ingeniously crafted a dish aiming to momentarily unsettle his patrons, while simultaneously shedding light on the harm we’re inflicting on our seas. We’re alluding to his renowned creation: cooked whiting accompanied by delectable imitations of plastics. Naturally, these are not actual plastics, and the dish is undeniably appetizing; however, its intention is to serve as a necessary wake-up call.

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