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Titsa reinforces its services for the Candelaria festival in Tenerife

Titsa, the Interurban Transport of Tenerife, a company under the administration of the Island Council, will enhance select services to ensure seamless transportation for pilgrims during the celebration of Candelaria on August 14th and 15th.

During the feast of Candelaria on August 14th and 15th, Interurban Transport of Tenerife (Titsa), a company managed by the Island Council, will implement enhanced services to ensure smooth transportation for pilgrims. The entire service within Candelaria will operate from Avenida de los Menceyes, near the old station, starting from 14:00 on August 14th until 17:00 on August 15th. As a result, stops from Calle Bélgica to Plaza de Teror will be temporarily unavailable.

As part of the arrangements, the 122 bus line will bolster its regular route connecting Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Las Caletillas, and Candelaria, with additional services according to passenger demand to facilitate movement during these busy days in the municipality. Similarly, line 120 (Santa Cruz-Güímar, Candelaria, Puertito de Güímar) will offer more departures starting from 17:10.

A special service on line 522 will also be introduced by Titsa, operating between La Laguna, Autopista, and Candelaria starting at 18:00 on August 14th. This service will remain available throughout the night and on August 15th. The last departure from Candelaria to La Laguna will be at 20:30, following the same route in both directions.

For pilgrims who intend to begin their journey on the Carretera General del Sur, various bus lines can serve as connecting points throughout August 14th. For instance, lines 014 and 228 link Santa Cruz with Cruce de La Cuesta, lines 232, 233, 934, 936, 937, and 238 connect Santa Cruz with Cruce de Taco, and lines 015, 102, 103, and 108 provide links between Santa Cruz and Hospital Universitario de Canarias.

For travelers from the southern part of the island, lines 111 and 711 establish connections between Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Costa Adeje via the TF-1 motorway, for both outbound and return trips.


Titsa reinforces its services for the Candelaria festival in Tenerife.

Titsa will offer free parking for pilgrims who have utilized their bus service at the parkings of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife and La Laguna interchanges, starting from 18:00 on August 14th until 23:00 on the 15th. To avail of this, passengers must show proof of their journey on lines 120, 122, or 522 at the central cash desk in the car park.

Additionally, a special fare service will be available between Izaña, La Crucita, Los Loros, Arafo, and Candelaria using line number 529. Timetables for this service will include departures at 22:00, 00:30, and 03:00 on the night of August 14th and early morning of the 15th, starting from Izaña. This line will also connect Candelaria with Güímar and Arafo at 23:15 and 02:30.

Titsa aims to fulfill passenger needs and provide an improved service, reminding them that buses are an optimal choice for attending events with large gatherings due to their convenience in travel, parking, and safety. Passengers can access this information via the website, the information line at 922 53.13.00, or through the company’s social media channels.

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