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Heatwave in the Canary Islands: 40-degree days and tropical nights

The Canary Islands will experience this heatwave for a number of days.

“Get ready for a scorching week ahead as the heatwave that has already swept across the Iberian Peninsula with the highest temperatures in 75 years is now making its way to the Canary Islands. According to the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), temperatures could soar up to 40 degrees during the day and bring tropical nights.

AEMET forecasts indicate a gradual rise in temperatures across the Canary Islands, resulting in intense heat throughout the archipelago. Large areas of the islands could see temperatures exceeding 34 or 36ºC, and the midlands of Gran Canaria might experience even higher temperatures of 38ºC or 40ºC. Some fortunate spots will witness balmy nights, with parts of the midlands in the south of Gran Canaria not expected to dip below 30ºC throughout the night.

Del Campo, a spokesperson from AEMET, cautions that this intense heatwave might persist in the Canary Islands until the beginning of next week and will be accompanied by suspended dust causing hazy conditions.

As for the rest of the country, the Mediterranean region will experience a slight drop in temperatures on Friday, but the rest of the Peninsula will continue to endure the scorching heat. After three or four days, temperatures could reach as high as 38 or 40ºC in central areas, the Ebro depression, the southern half, and even the Guadalquivir Valley at 42 or 44ºC. Warm, tropical, or torrid nights might lead to occasional surpassing of these figures in many parts of the Mediterranean and inland cities in the southern half.

AEMET reiterates an extreme risk of fires in most of the country due to heatwave

Heatwave in the Canary Islands: 40-degree days and tropical nights.

Relief from the heat is anticipated over the weekend, with temperatures likely to drop, particularly on Sunday. Although still warm, the scorching thresholds may no longer be reached, signifying a less intense heatwave.

Even so, Saturday might still see temperatures exceeding 42ºC in the Guadalquivir Valley, and temperatures will hover between 5 and 10ºC in substantial portions of the south and east of the peninsula.

On Sunday, temperatures might not go beyond 40ºC except in isolated spots of the Guadalquivir, while areas of the center, south, and east of the peninsula could still experience temperatures exceeding 35ºC. Rainfall will be limited to the Cantabrian Sea and will be sporadic and light.

Del Campo underscores that despite the temperature drop, the risk of fires will remain very high to extreme across most of the country.

Lastly, Del Campo advises that this intense heat episode could persist in the Canary Islands until the beginning of next week, accompanied by suspended dust leading to hazy conditions.”

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