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Several beaches in Tenerife hoist the red flag due to heavy swell

Red flags in Tenerife: Arona has closed the TF-66 road between El Fraile and Las Galletas for safety reasons.

Numerous beaches in Tenerife are displaying red flags this Sunday, signaling a prohibition on swimming due to heavy swells.

The El Rosario Town Hall has officially declared swimming off-limits at La Nea and Radazul beaches. Meanwhile, Tabaiba is marked with a yellow flag, with potential changes anticipated.

In La Laguna, lifeguards have hoisted the red flag at Bajamar’s natural pools, as well as at Las Vistas beach in Arona and the Caletón natural pools in Garachico.


Conversely, the Arona Town Council, in collaboration with the Island Council’s Roads Department, has enacted a midday closure of the TF-66 road section connecting El Fraile and Las Galletas due to safety concerns. The intensity of the coastal phenomena currently impacting Tenerife’s shores, particularly in this specific area of the Arona coastline, has rendered both vehicular and pedestrian movement hazardous.

Over the past hours, several individuals have been rescued in distress. Instances include a young foreigner in Costa del Silencio who was swept into the sea by waves, an individual at Los Abrigos’ natural pools, and two people exhibiting signs of drowning at San Marines beach in Candelaria.

Several beaches in Tenerife hoist the red flag due to heavy swell.
The TF-66 has been closed this Sunday for safety reasons.

Yesterday, Saturday, the formidable waves did not dissuade many Canary Islanders from disregarding the red flags, which indicate an obligatory prohibition, not a mere warning, against entering the water.

Lifeguards, safety personnel, and civil protection teams at various beaches and coastal regions worked diligently to enforce these orders. In certain instances, local police were required to intervene.

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