La Laguna renovates the dog play area in Los Dragos Park

The complete fencing of the dog zone in La Laguna will undergo replacement and will be divided into two sections for pets of varying sizes, with a total budget of 24,425 euros.

The Municipality of La Laguna, under the supervision of the Department of Environment and Municipal Services, has initiated a project to enhance and renovate the dog park situated within the Student Javier Fernandez Quesada Park, commonly known as Los Dragos Park. The endeavor has been allocated a budget of 24,425 euros and complements the recent enhancements made to the children’s playground in this central green area, nestled between Heraclio Sánchez and Doctor Antonio González streets.

Luis Yeray Gutiérrez, the Mayor of La Laguna, underscores that “there is an increasing demand from our community for dog parks, offering their pets secure and well-equipped spaces. The City Council has been responsive to this request by introducing new facilities and upgrading existing ones, with a focus on safety, animal welfare, and fostering respectful coexistence.”

The mayor points out that the count of municipal dog parks “has significantly multiplied in the last administrative term, currently totaling 14 dog parks. This figure is intended to continue growing during this new phase, ensuring that this network encompasses all neighborhoods and districts within La Laguna.”

The Environment and Municipal Services department, led by Ángel Chinea, will implement the primary action, which involves reconfiguring the layout of the dog enclosure into two distinct zones: one designated for small dogs weighing under 10 kilograms, and the other for larger dogs weighing over 10 kilograms. These areas will feature separate access control enclosures. The foundation for these enclosures will comprise concrete pavement overlaid with recycled rubber tiles sourced from children’s play areas—a system that has yielded successful outcomes for the department. Additionally, the existing Hercules-type fencing, showing signs of considerable wear, will be entirely replaced.

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