Agrocanarias announces the best gofio in 2023

Luis Arráez, the director of the Canary Islands Institute of Agri-Food Quality (ICIA), revealed the prize-winning items during a Agrocanarias ceremony that took place at the Presidential Headquarters of the Government in Tenerife.

Gofio Gomero de millo, crafted by Rayco Herrera under the Protected Geographical Indication “Gofio Canario,” has clinched the title of the best in the Canary Islands, as determined by the expert tasting panel of the Official Agrocanarias 2023 Competition.

This particular mill, in addition to securing various medals across diverse categories, has earned the prestigious distinction of being named the Best Local Grain Gofio of the competition. The panel also awarded it the title of Ideal 5, comprising wheat, millet, barley, oats, and chickpeas (PGI Gofio Canario), and it was bestowed with a Grand Gold Medal.

Luis Arráez, the director of the Canary Islands Institute of Agri-Food Quality (ICIA), unveiled the victorious products during an event held at the Presidential Headquarters of the Government in Tenerife.

Agrocanarias: this is the best gofio in 2023.
The winner of the best Gofio de Canarias, the Gofio Gomero de Millo, by Rayco Herrera.

In this edition of the competition, which took place in El Hierro, 93 gofios from 18 mills participated, leading to the recognition of 23 exceptional accomplishments: 18 medals (8 Silver Medals, 6 Golds, and 4 Grand Golds) and 5 distinctions.

Over the course of two days of blind tasting, a panel of 16 experts selected the Grand Gold Medals, Gold and Silver Medals, as well as special distinctions such as “Best Gofio of the Canary Islands,” “Best Local Grain Gofio,” “Best Image and Presentation,” and recognitions from children’s and senior citizens’ juries.

The children’s award was secured by Molino de Gofio Imendi (IGP Gofio Canario, produced by ADRISUL S.L. in La Gomera) for its wheat and millet production, alongside a Grand Gold Medal. Meanwhile, La Molina de la Asomada Trigo Barbilla tostado a leña (by Francisco Román Cabrera Oramas, Fuerteventura) clinched the “Best Image and Presentation” accolade.

In the wheat category, the laureates were Gofio Gomero (PGI. Gold Medal), La Escalona by Carmen María Tacoronte Moreno in Tenerife (Gold Medal), Molino de Gofio Imendi de Espelta (PGI. Gold Medal), Molino de Gofio Imendi (PGI. Silver Medal), and Gofio Gomero de Espelta (PGI. Silver Medal).

In the millet category, honors were shared among La Molina José María Gil of local grain from Lanzarote (Gold), Molino de Gofio Imendi of local grain (PGI. Silver), and Gofio La Escalona of local grain (Silver).

JC Molino de Gofio Granadilla, made by Semidán Casanova Marrero in Tenerife, and Comeztier from Cafés Careca S.L., were both awarded Silver and Gold Medals respectively in the wheat and millet category.

Lastly, in the category encompassing gofio made from cereals and/or leguminous plants or mixtures beyond the aforementioned, four products from Molino de Gofio Imendi secured recognition: 3 Cereals (Silver), 4 Cereals and Chickpeas (Silver), 3 Cereals and Chickpeas (Gold), and 7 Cereals and Leguminous Plants (Gold).

Within the same group, two creations of Gofio Gomero were honored: wheat, millet, and barley (Silver), and the Special 10 (Grand Gold Medal).

During the announcement of the jury’s verdict, the head of the ICCA emphasized that this initiative by the Canary Islands government aims to “encourage the consumption of this product and assist millers in promoting a healthful product with significant nutritional value, deeply intertwined with Canary Islands culture and a symbol of identity for all residents of the Canary Islands.”

He further stated that his department is dedicated to enhancing its significance, with the aspiration that it regains its stature as “a vital staple in our diet and in the diets of all those who visit us.”

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