Tenerife Tourism assures fire remains distant from main tourist areas

The Island Council emphasized the importance of ensuring rapid and precise delivery of official information to both residents and incoming visitors during this period of extensive coverage of the Tenerife forest fire.

Tenerife Tourism has underscored that the main tourist regions and urban centers of the island remain distant from the ongoing forest fire. This assurance highlights that activities in accommodations, beaches, and other tourism sites along the coast and in the central areas continue to operate normally.

The Island Council elaborated on this matter in an official statement, expressing its commitment to keep the local and international tourism sector informed about the progression of the forest fire, which began affecting the island on August 15.

Lope Afonso, Vice President and Tourism Councillor, emphasized the importance of swiftly and accurately conveying official information to both residents and prospective visitors. In light of this, he urged the clarification of recent media reports in major markets that could inadvertently mislead potential travelers.

He stressed that despite the environmental seriousness of the situation, no tourist areas, facilities, or infrastructure have been impacted by the fire, and there’s no risk to those staying on the island.

Tenerife Tourism assures fire remains distant from main tourist areas.

The Tenerife Tourism communiqué has been shared with Spanish Tourist Offices and Tenerife’s representation overseas, including the UK, Germany, France, Benelux, the United States, and more. It has also been distributed to Tenerife Tourism’s affiliated companies and the local tourism sector.

Tenerife Fire: Normal Operations in Ports, Airports, and Roads

Port, airport, and road activities across Tenerife continue to function normally, except for mountain access routes. Authorities have strongly advised against using these routes due to road closures and limited access, as well as the suspension of certain public and private activities.

In a precautionary measure, some villages near the fire-affected areas have been evacuated, possibly including vacation homes or rural residences.

Nonetheless, the Island Council affirmed that strict security measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of all individuals. They have recommended that residents in several municipalities stay indoors, close doors and windows, and utilize FFP2 masks to mitigate respiratory issues caused by fire smoke.

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