Uncontrolled Tenerife wildfire: over 3,200 hectares scorched

While the defensive lines in Tenerife wildfires are starting to show "some limited impact," the intricate nature of the fire's characteristics adds to the complexity.

The President of the Canary Islands Government, Fernando Clavijo, has acknowledged the uncontrollable nature of the Tenerife fire. He revealed that the fire has encompassed a perimeter of 41 kilometers and has already ravaged 3,273 hectares.

“While there’s some limited impact from the defensive lines, the fire remains uncontrolled with highly intricate characteristics,” he conceded.

The fire’s impact has extended to eight municipalities: Arafo, Candelaria, Santa Úrsula, La Orotava, El Sauzal, La Matanza, La Victoria, and El Rosario.

Meanwhile, Rosa Dávila, the President of the Cabildo of Tenerife, stressed that the situation is critical and exceeds the extinguishing capacity. Nonetheless, she assured that the left flank, encompassing Candelaria-Arafo, is advancing at a slow pace.

Uncontrolled tenerife wildfire: over 3,200 hectares scorched.

During the night, 226 personnel will be engaged in battling the fire, with a primary focus on defending the front’s advance from Las Lagunetas to La Esperanza.

Throughout the day, preemptive evacuations were carried out in the various affected municipalities, along with the confinement of the urban center of El Rosario, which will persist throughout the night. The tally of evacuated or confined individuals nears 8,000.

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