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In Tenerife, over 11,500 hectares ravaged by devastating fire

Efforts to quell the flames in Tenerife are concentrated on Güímar and La Orotava, aiming to halt the fire's expansion.

Montse Román, the head of Civil Protection for the Canary Islands Government, has provided an update on the wildfire situation in Tenerife, revealing that the fire has already scorched 11,612 hectares within an 84-kilometer perimeter.

According to Román, the day commenced with a prevalence of clouds and humidity, creating an unstable environment that hindered the early morning deployment of aerial firefighting assets. “Nevertheless,” she explains, “gradual integration of these resources was achieved, and distinct strategies were applied in each affected area.”

Presently, the primary focus of firefighting operations is the Pico Cho Marcial region, where efforts are concentrated to prevent the fire’s progression towards Güímar. Similarly, significant attention is directed towards El Portillo, as these sectors have demonstrated the most substantial increase in impacted hectares during the latest perimeter assessment.

In Tenerife, over 11,500 hectares ravaged by devastating fire.

Simultaneously, a combined force of air and ground units is engaged in La Orotava, striving to contain the fire’s advancement on the northern flank—a direction that could pose heightened threats.


Regarding the displaced residents, Montse Román disclosed that individuals evacuated from the Candelaria area due to the fire’s outbreak will soon undergo relocations. Specifically, those who were compelled to evacuate from the upper segments of the Araya ravines and the Cruz del Camino vicinity, extending to the Los Brezos recreational area, will be permitted to return to their homes on this day. Notably, this reprieve impacts nearly a hundred individuals who were evacuated last Wednesday.

Furthermore, Román affirms that similar considerations will be explored for various parts of Arafo, indicating the intention to ease the burdens faced by those displaced by the fire’s relentless advance.

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