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The Tenerife fire is still out of control, but “the worst is over”

Upon daybreak, La Orotava and Güímar in Tenerife were enveloped by a dense shroud of smoke, following a night where efforts were centered around Izaña.

The President of the Canary Islands Government, Fernando Clavijo, has provided an update on the overnight firefighting efforts, expressing that progress has been made. “Challenging moments were faced in the mountains, but we can cautiously state that the most critical phase is behind us,” he conveyed. However, he reiterated that the Tenerife fire remains uncontrolled, having already laid waste to an extensive 12,813 hectares within a 90-kilometer perimeter.

In his remarks on Cadena Ser, Clavijo divulged that the individuals responsible for starting the fire strategically targeted areas with treacherous accessibility, complicating firefighting efforts significantly. “They ignited it precisely when it would cause the maximum harm and in a location where extinguishing it was particularly arduous,” he remarked.


During the night, developments necessitated intensified operations at Izaña. A substantial array of resources was mobilized to safeguard the Teide Observatory’s infrastructure and to confine the flames’ progression. The night saw the fire’s encroachment from Pico Cho Marcial into the municipalities of Fasnia and Arico, increasing the tally of impacted areas to 13. However, secondary outbreaks posed no immediate threat to the local populace.

Across the rest of the perimeter, no notable incidents were recorded. Yet, a dense smoke cover blanketed the Orotava Valley and Güímar, prompting advisories to avoid outdoor activities and to don masks.

The Tenerife fire is still out of control, but "the worst is over".

Moisés Sánchez, the director of 112 Canarias, outlined today’s strategy to encircle the fire along the northern flank, particularly in the La Orotava region. This approach aims to redirect efforts towards curbing the fire’s advance on the southern front.

For the daylight operations, 22 aerial resources will be incorporated, complementing a ground force consisting of 275 firefighters, 115 security personnel, and 40 individuals engaged in logistics responsibilities.

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