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Tenerife fire: a remarkably calm night with focus on Güímar efforts

There might be a "significant development" in the Tenerife fire today, leading to the possibility of more evacuated individuals being able to return to their residences.

The Minister of Territorial Policy, Territorial Cohesion and Water of the Canary Islands Government, Manuel Miranda, has provided an update indicating that the firefighting efforts are yielding positive results, leading to one of the most tranquil nights since the inception of the Tenerife fire.

Continued focus remains on the mountainous region of Güímar to curtail any further spread of the flames, given that this municipality is experiencing the most intense fire activity.

A firefighting unit remains stationed in the Izaña area to closely monitor the fire’s progression. Additionally, efforts are being directed towards extinguishing the northern flank of the fire, allowing for heightened concentration on the southern region, following renewed outbreaks in Birmagen, El Rosario, and parts of Santa Úrsula.

Tenerife fire: a remarkably calm night with focus on Güímar efforts.

Manuel Miranda has expressed optimism regarding the likelihood of a “significant development” today, enabling more evacuated residents to return to their homes. The emergency strategy aims to contain the fire within its entire perimeter, encompassing 14,878 hectares across twelve municipalities, with a perimeter extending 88.45 kilometers.

Given the ongoing presence of smoke affecting air quality, inhabitants of affected areas are advised to use FPP2 masks for protection.

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