Tenerife fire starters deliberately ignited blaze expecting difficult extinguishing”

The Guardia Civil confirmed that the Tenerife fire was deliberate and three lines of investigation are underway.

Fernando Clavijo, President of the Canary Islands Government, has revealed today that the individual or individuals responsible for igniting the Tenerife fire did so “with the misguided notion that it would pose greater difficulty in being extinguished.” He emphasized that the Guardia Civil is actively conducting investigations into the matter.

In an interview with Cadena Ser, Clavijo explained that the fire originated “in an area that was challenging to access due to extreme temperature episodes, resulting in highly dry mountains, low humidity, and ample fuel supply,” all of which contributed to the challenges in firefighting efforts.

Tenerife fire starters deliberately ignited blaze expecting difficult extinguishing".

The presence of “steep cliffs, almost vertical walls, where firefighting personnel can’t easily ascend and control the fire” has further complicated the firefighting mission.

Consequently, Clavijo underscored that “the fire gained significant strength, leading to critical days and nights.” He highlighted the “ill-conceived decision of choosing a location for ignition where firefighting would be most arduous.” He expressed optimism that the Guardia Civil “will succeed in identifying and locating the individuals responsible for starting the fire.”

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