The verdict is in: these are Santa Cruz de Tenerife’s finest tapas

The winners of the "Kilometre 0" Tapas Route, featuring 77 participating gastronomic establishments in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, have been announced.

The Winners of the “Kilometre 0” Tapas Route, held from July 13 to 30, featuring 77 gastronomic establishments in Tenerife’s capital, have been revealed. This announcement was made by Carmen Pérez, the CEO of the Development Company, who highlighted the success of the event. Pérez noted that the web app used for the event garnered nearly 18,000 visits, over 8,800 unique users, and more than 2,500 votes to determine the winning tapas of the edition.

First place was awarded to La Casita de Nazareno for their tapa ‘La Casita, una tapa con rollito’, followed by 2 Grados Centígrados with the tapa ‘Tosta de salmón a la naranja con verduras al curry’ in second place. The third most voted establishment was Cafetería Bahía with the tapa ‘¡¡Ños! Se nos enriscó la cabra’. Winners received diplomas and promotion through the Degusta Santa Cruz Anaga Smart Destination Product Club’s social networks.

The verdict is in: these are Santa Cruz de Tenerife's finest tapas.

The “Kilometre 0” Tapas Route focused on utilizing local ingredients, particularly those from the Anaga Massif, Tenerife, and the Canary Islands. Pérez emphasized that initiatives like this support the local economy and promote the value of regional produce to both residents and visitors.

The Development Society is planning three more gastronomic routes in the capital of Tenerife by the end of the year. These themed events aim to further enhance culinary experiences in the city.

This initiative is part of the Anaga Smart Destination’s Action Line 10 within the Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development Strategy “Anaga in the heart – Santa Cruz de Tenerife”. It is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the City Council of Tenerife’s capital.

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